Accelerating Randomized Trials (ART) Platform

Vision: Clinical research that results in high-quality evidence that has a positive impact on patient health and health care delivery.

Mission: To foster clinical trial advancement by providing investigators with ‘disease-agnostic’ supports, breaking through barriers that impede traditional trials.

The Accelerating Randomized Trials (ART) Platform was developed by academic, hospital and research partners to encourage and facilitate clinical trial advancement by supporting investigators in conducting their studies. Dr. Amit Garg, Associate Dean, Clinical Research directs the ART Platform under the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry’s research mandate.

The ART Platform offers a host of trial-related services targeting the needs of investigators based on the types of trials they are planning. Each stream will assist investigators in efficiently and effectively advancing their trials by addressing common barriers that can otherwise dissuade researchers from conducting trials, and allowing investigators to lead and execute important studies that will positively impact health and health care delivery.

The three streams include:

  • Large-scale pragmatic trials: S5 – Streamlined, Simple, Scalable, and Sustainable Solutions (launched in May 2022)
  • First-in-Human trials (in development for 2023)
  • Standard clinical trials (in development for 2024)
Applicants to the Future Trial Leaders stream of the HDRN Canada Pragmatic Trials Training Program should visit the "Pragmatic Trials Stream" page for more information.