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Other new funding opportunities:

Alzheimer Society Research Program

The ASRP provides grants and awards to support Canadian studies that promise new insights into causes, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management of Alzheimer's disease and other dementias. The most favoured applications in the Proof of Concept Grants program are those which focus on challenging new directions in research into Alzheimer's disease and other dementias. The Grant will support investigators with innovative, high-risk, high-yield approaches to dementia research.

Deadline: November 6, 2020

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American Association of Orthodontists Foundation

The AAOF solicits investigator-initiated applications on a wide range of research topics pertaining to orthodontics and/or craniofacial biology. The BRA is designed to assist mid-career and senior faculty in the U.S. and Canada to conduct independent research activities. Such activities are critical for academic and faculty development in orthodontic graduate programs. BRA proposals are generally expected to be either (i) small, well-defined and self-contained studies leading to publications in professional or scientific journals or (ii) pilot and feasibility studies to generate preliminary data in preparation of larger grant proposals to NIH or other research funding organizations. The decision to fund any given BRA application is based on scientific merit and available funds.

Deadline: November 13, 2020

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Ataxia Canada

"Ataxia Canada funds relevant research where ataxia is the primary symptom and is genetic (recessive, dominant) and progressive in nature. This includes conditions such as Friedreich `s ataxia (FA), Beauce's ataxia (SCAR8, ARCA1), spinocerebellar ataxias (SCA), ataxias with oculomotor apraxia (AOA1-4), episodic ataxias and other cerebellar ataxias. "

Deadline:October 30, 2020

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Canadian Hemophilia Society - Bayer - ADVANCE Canada Research Program

"The Canadian Hemophilia Society - Bayer ADVANCE Canada Research Program was created to engage Canadian hemophilia treaters in activities to identify and research key issues in the ageing hemophilia population. The research program will support studies that aim to: - Identify and provide insight into key issues associated with the ageing hemophilia population - Identify how management of age-related co-morbidities should be adapted to those with hemophilia - Create and deliver evidence-based information to health care practitioners (HCPs), the public and policy makers that will lead to improved care and QoL for older Canadians living with hemophilia "

Deadline: November 16, 2020

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Canadian Hemophilia Society / Dream of a Cure Research Program

"Supporting research towards improving the health and the quality of life of all people with inherited bleeding disorders and finding a cure have been goals of the Canadian Hemophilia Society (CHS) since it was founded in 1953. Since 1990 through funds provided by the Hemophilia Research Million Dollar Club and the CHS, the CHS provides basic scientific research grants and studentships aimed at developing treatments for hemophilia A and B, von Willebrand disease, rare factor deficiencies, platelet function disorders and ultimately, at finding a cure. "

Deadline: November 15, 2020

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Canadian Hemophilia Society / Pfizer Care Until Cure Research Program

This program allows Canadian investigators to conduct research on medical and psychosocial aspects of bleeding disorders, including outcome evaluation. Grants are awarded for clinical research in fields relevant to improving the quality of life for persons with hemophilia, persons with von Willebrand disease or other inherited bleeding disorders, persons with related conditions such as HIV or hepatitis C, and carriers of an inherited bleeding disorder.

Deadline: November 16, 2020

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Chordoma Foundation - Clinic & Laboratory Integration Program

"The Cancer Research Institute Clinic and Laboratory Integration Program (CLIP) supports pre-clinical and translational research that can be directly applied to optimizing cancer immunotherapy in the clinic. CLIP grants are awarded to qualified scientists exploring clinically relevant questions aimed at improving the effectiveness of cancer immunotherapies. Proposals in all cancers are encouraged. "

"Deadline for letter of intent: November 1, 2020 Deadline for application: February 1, 2021"

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Chordoma Foundation - Drug Screening Program

"To support these needs and complement the existing in vivo program, the Foundation is now offering a new in vitro drug screening service to rapidly assess new drugs and combination approaches. Nominated drugs can be tested for their effects on chordoma cell viability in a number of validated cell lines in a rapid and efficient manner through a centralized laboratory. Additional assay formats including cell killing and mechanistic readouts will be considered. "

Deadline: Continuous

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CIHR - Spark Grants in Novel Technologies in Cancer Prevention and Early Detection

"Spark Grants will support preliminary research to establish proof of principle in novel cancer prevention and early detection approaches. The goal is to fund high risk, high reward studies that provide sufficient rationale and/or preliminary data to convince reviewers of the novelty and feasibility of the proposed work. Spark grants are intended to support the development of new partnerships and the exploration of highly novel concepts, involving researchers from any research area, and particularly from non-traditional cancer fields, such as engineering, AI, robotics, physics, nanoscience, statistics, informatics, computer and data sciences, behavioural science, and any other discipline poised to seed the next generation of disruptive technologies in cancer control. These grants are not intended to support research that is the ""next logical step"", but rather provide the evidence for future larger grants that will serve as ""game-changers"" in the way we approach cancer prevention and early detection, disrupting existing methods and displacing the status quo. "

Deadline: October 16, 2020

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American Foundation for Suicide Prevention - Standard Research Innovation Grants

"AFSP offers Innovation Grants in six categories: - Distinguished Investigator Grants - Standard Research Grants - Linked Standard Research Grants - Young Investigator Grants - Postdoctoral Research Fellowships - Pilot Grants"

"Deadline for application: November 15, 2020 "

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American Otological Society

The purpose of the American Otological Society (AOS) Research Grant is to encourage and support academic research in sciences related to the ear. All of the AOS grant awards may involve research on any topic related to ear disorders and are no longer limited to studies of Menière's disease or otosclerosis. The research need not be directly on an otological disease but may explore normal functions of the cochlea, labyrinth or central auditory or vestibular systems.

"Deadline for Letter of Intent: November 1, 2020 Deadline for Applications: January 31, 2021"

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Aniara Coagulation Research Grant

"Aniara Diagnostica's Coagulation Research Grant provides funding for established investigators (eg - faculty at an academic institution) and for students/trainees to do innovative coagulation/hematology research. "

Deadline: November 1, 2020

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BrightFocus Foundation - Alzheimer's Disease Research

"The standard award provides significant funding for researchers who have already generated some amount of preliminary data, but are often required to demonstrate additional, significant progress before they can apply to governmental or industrial funding agencies. "

Deadline: November 10, 2020

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Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America - Litwin IBD Pioneers Initiative

"The guiding mission of the Foundation is to stimulate and encourage innovative research in the basic biomedical and clinical sciences, which is likely to increase our understanding of the etiology, pathogenesis, therapy, and prevention of inflammatory bowel diseases. Collaborative efforts between basic scientists and clinicians are encouraged. The objective of the Litwin IBD Pioneers Research Award is to help persons with inflammatory bowel diseases by supporting innovative, early-stage research that opens new avenues for diagnosis, therapy, and prevention of these diseases. The program will consider funding clinical or translational IBD research projects that: - Are innovative; - Are in the early stages of exploration; and - Have the potential to improve diagnosis, therapy, management, or prevention of IBD and their complications. "

"Deadline for letter of intent: November 5, 2020 Deadline for application: January 28, 2021"

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Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America, Inc.- Senior Research Awards

"The objective of these awards is to provide established researchers with funds to generate sufficient preliminary data to become competitive for funds from other sources, such as the National Institute of Health (NIH). Proposals must be relevant to inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn's Disease or ulcerative colitis).


"Deadlines for Letter of Intent:  November 8, 2020 Deadlines for Application: January 28, 2021"

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GRAMMY Museum Grants Program: Scientific Research Projects

"The GRAMMY Museum Grant Program awards grants to organizations and individuals to support research on the impact of music on the human condition. Examples might include the study of the effects of music on mood, cognition and healing, as well as the medical and occupational well-being of music professionals and the creative process underlying music. Priority is given to projects with strong methodological design as well as those addressing an important research question. "

Deadline for letter of inquiry: November 1, 2020

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Melanoma Research Alliance

Pilot Awards support senior investigators who propose potentially transformative ideas that do not have extensive preliminary data but articulate a clear hypothesis and translational goals. Resources for such "high-risk, high-reward" projects are important to establish proof-of-concept, which may then leverage additional funding through more traditional avenues. Applicants must be a senior investigator, past the initial four years of their first academic faculty appointment.

Deadline: November 4, 2020

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Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research - PIPETTE: 4R Tau and Alpha-Synuclein PET Tracer Development

The PIPETTE 4R Tau and Alpha-synuclein PET Tracer Development program seeks to accelerate the development of selective 4R tau and alpha-synuclein PET tracers. The ability to image brain neurofilaments of 4R tau, the predominant tau isoform associated with progressive supranuclear palsy and related disorders, would be a game-changing achievement for the field. Similarly, the ability to image alpha-synuclein in Parkinson's would likely have a significant impact on research and therapeutic development. The PIPETTE Consortium has prioritized 4R tau and alpha-synuclein PET imaging as the most likely approach to have an impact for therapeutic development given the hypothesized contribution of these proteins to neurodegeneration. In vivo imaging of 4R tau and alpha-synuclein pathology could be useful as biomarkers of the presence of disease and disease progression and as pharmacodynamic tools for drug development for tauopathies and synucleinopathies.

"Deadline for Preliminary Proposals: October 22, 2020 Deadline for Full Proposals: March 18, 2021"

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Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research - Target Advancement Program

The Target Advancement Program seeks to build conclusive evidence around early-stage biological targets in Parkinson's Disease (PD) to rationalize the initiation of future pre-clinical therapeutic programs focused on those targets. Funding will support projects to validate early-stage targets previously implicated in PD pathophysiology and/or symptomology but that have not yet been rigorously investigated for their ability to impact disease-relevant outcomes in PD model systems.

"Deadline for Preliminary Proposals: October 22, 2020 Deadline for Full Proposals: March 18, 2021"

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Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research - Therapeutic Pipeline Program

The Therapeutic Pipeline Program seeks to speed the development of Parkinson's disease therapeutics with potential for fundamentally altering disease course, significantly improving treatment or management of non-motor or motor symptoms beyond current standards of care. Proposals should focus on strategies with clear impact for people with Parkinson's and well-defined development plans. Programs developing novel approaches as well as approved or clinically safe repurposed or repositioned therapies from other disease indications are appropriate for this RFA. MJFF will prioritize clinical and pre-clinical approaches built on strong scientific and biological rationale for targeting fundamental processes underlying Parkinson's cause, progression and/or non-motor and motor symptom expression.

"Deadline for Preliminary Proposals: October 22, 2020 Deadline for Full Proposals: March 18, 2021"

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Pediatric Epilepsy Research Foundation - Grant for Infrastructure/Registry Research

"This competitive grant in child neurology is directed at developing new infrastructure, (registries and networks) or an existing infrastructure to advance the science of the research project. To that end, PERF offers the ""PERF Grant for Infrastructure/Registry Research"". PERF will consider projects in all areas of child neurology, and is keen on projects that promote advances in pediatric epilepsy. Research projects providing opportunities for training and/or mentoring young investigators are of particular interest. "

"Deadline for letter of inquiry: November 11, 2020 Deadline for application: March 16, 2021 (Anticipated)"

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Physicians' Services Incorporated Foundation

"The Foundation's support of health research is offered in through the following programs:

  • Health Research Grants
  • Healthcare Research by Community Physicians
  • Educational Fellowships for Practicing Physicians
  • Resident Research Grants
  • P.S.I.F. Fellowship for Translational Research


"Deadline: Continuous Note: Applications to PSI Foundation from London researchers are generally submitted through the Lawson Health Research Institute. Contact Lawson <> for more information."

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Last updated: September 15, 2020

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