HDRN Canada Pragmatic Trials Training Program

Health Data Research Network (HDRN) LogoWhat is the Pragmatic Trials Training Program?

The Health Data Research Network Canada (HDRN) Pragmatic Trials Training Program helps health researchers, post-doctoral trainees, and highly qualified personnel to gain the skills and experience needed to lead, design, and implement high-quality pragmatic trials in Canada.

The HDRN Canada Pragmatic Trials Training program, funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), will create a pipeline of researchers in Canada who are well-positioned to efficiently evaluate interventions – from drugs to vaccines to health technologies.

Why are pragmatic trials important?

Pragmatic clinical trials are embedded in routine care and leverage real-world data sources. Done well, they yield valid, generalizable results faster than traditional trials and at a fraction of the cost. Few researchers in Canada have the training and experience to conduct pragmatic registry trials.

Learn how to conduct pragmatic trials

There is a tremendous unrealized opportunity to conduct pragmatic trials in Canada. These trials can be complex to design and analyze, and require highly qualified personnel at data coordinating centres.

As a program participant you will learn how to efficiently test interventions that can be embedded in routine care settings to better manage existing and future health threats and to help move innovations from discovery to application.

HDRN PTTP streams chart with visual graphics

Please see this explanatory video of the training program from our manager, Taylor McLinden.

Thanks to ICES for permission to post a portion of the recent workshop, HDRN Canada Pragmatic Trials Training Program: Building Capacity for Multi-Jurisdictional Research, from the annual ICES Research Forum.

Resources: ICES Forum 2023 Workshop Training PowerPoint presentation slide deck

Trainee applications – Coming soon!

Stay tuned for details in September 2023 on the launch of the HDRN Canada Pragmatic Trials Training Program
and our call for pan-Canadian applications.

Protocol development and salary support will be available to trainees when the program launches.

Contact us for more information

Taylor McLinden, PhD, Training Manager, Adjunct Research Professor, Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics
Email: taylor.mclinden@ices.on.ca

Who is HDRN Canada?

HDRN Canada connects individuals and organizations across the country to share expertise, identify opportunities for collaboration, and foster innovation in ways that respect public expectations and Indigenous data sovereignty. HDRN Canada will guide and support you in accessing and using multi-jurisdictional data housed in data centres across the country.

About Western and HDRN Canada

In January 2023, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) directed over $31M in support of seven clinical trial training platforms. Western University received $3.47M to develop the HDRN Canada Pragmatic Trials Training Program through the leadership of Dr. Amit Garg, Nominated Principal Investigator, and Associate Dean, Clinical Research, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Western University.