Schulich Research Council

The purpose of the Schulich Research Council is to serve as an advisory group to the Vice Dean, Research and Innovation, in areas of strategic importance to the School related to research activity and research excellence.

Meetings are held monthly, with members providing diverse perspectives on the issues brought forward for discussion. Council members are asked to promote strategies that advance research excellence across the faculty and not advocate for a specific constituency.

Anticipated Outcomes

  • Develop ideas to realize the goals of the School strategic plan in the area of research;
  • Strategize how best to monitor performance of the School against the short- and longterms goals of the strategic plan;
  • Communicate ideas from and to Schulich faculty regarding funding opportunities and strategic priorities related to research;
  • Contribute to the development of sustainable, world-class research core facilities;
  • Develop recruitment strategies that elevate research activity and reflect School priorities, in collaboration with Basic Science and Clinical Department Chairs, and the Vice-Dean and Director, Dentistry;
  • Identify and prioritize major grant initiatives to optimize the collective success of the Faculty to achieve research excellence;
  • Identify fundraising priorities in consultation with the Schulich Development team to make recommendations to the Dean;
  • Provide input into communication strategies that highlight research successes in collaboration with the Schulich Communications group;
  • Make recommendations on the strategic use of research space in the School;
  • Identify opportunities to enhance translational research impact in collaboration with partner organizations throughout London and beyond.
  • Any other topics relevant to the promotion of research excellence across the School.

Composition of the Committee

The Schulich Research Council will be comprised of the Vice Dean, Research and Innovation (Committee Chair), and sixteen additional members representing the following constituencies:

Standing positions:

  • Research leaders representing major research themes within the Faculty (x6).
    • Major research themes are identified by the Vice Dean, Research and Innovation in consultation with the Dean and may change over time. The appropriateness of a research theme will be evaluated at the time of committee member renewal. These positions will be appointed by the Vice Dean, Research and Innovation;
  • Representatives from the Basic Science and Clinical Chairs (x4). These positions will be determined by the Chairs groups;
  • The Vice Dean and Director, Dentistry or Associate Director, Research in Dentistry (x1)
  • The Decanal team supporting research activities (x2);
  • Member at large (x1). Determined by faculty vote.
  • Early Career (Assistant Professor Level) member at large (x1). Determined by faculty vote.
  • Director, Research (ex-officio)


Current Schulich Research Council Members

  • Rob Bartha (Committee Chair)
  • Dale Laird
  • Amit Garg
  • David Litchfield
  • Tim Regnault
  • Gary Shaw
  • Greg Dekaban
  • Craig Campbell
  • Glen Bauman
  • Matthew Teeter
  • Lisa Saksida
  • Kelly Vogt
  • Noha Gomaa
  • Geoffrey Pickering
  • John Ronald
  • Eric Arts
  • Rachel Kelly (ex-officio member)