Approvals & Signatures

How to Submit Your Research Grant/Contract Applications

In addition to specific Funding Agency instructions, researchers/applicants must follow Western's procedures as set by Research Development and Services.

If your application will be submitted through the Lawson Health Research Institute, please contact Lawson regarding their requirements for signatures.

Step 1

Ensure that you are eligible to hold a research account at Western

If you are a resident or postdoctoral fellow/associate, please contact the Schulich Research Office regarding your plans well in advance of the application deadline.

Step 2

Obtain the following approval signatures on the grant application in the order listed:

  1. Department Chair signature (if required by funding agency)
    Note: For clinical departments which have divisions, Division Chair signature is not accepted in lieu of Department Chair signature.
  2. Schulich Medicine & Dentistry signature (contact the Schulich Research Office to obtain a Schulich signature)
  3. Western Institutional approval (contact Research Development & Services to obtain an Institutional signature)

Neither Schulich nor department chairs are authorized to sign for the institution. Institutional signature can only be provided by Research Development & Services.

A copy of each application must be provided to Research Development & Services before an institutional signature will be provided.

Note that many agencies will accept a photocopied or pdf signature (i.e. do not require an original ink signature). These signatures can be obtained by email, and do not require you to come in person to our office. Contact the Schulich Research Office if you have questions.

Step 3

Complete a ROLA proposal for your grant application. ROLA (Research On-Line Administration) is Western's internal electronic system, which is used to obtain Department Chair/Schulich approval of grant applications and to maintain research profiles. ROLA is also used to facilitate set-up of new research accounts.

ROLA does not take the place of any signatures required by the funding agency.

Note: If the grant competition that you are applying to is not listed on the ROLA funding opportunities page, contact for assistance.

Additional Information

  • Regardless of the signatory listed on a Sponsor form, Research Development & Services must ALWAYS be assumed the signatory on ANY proposal or application for research funding. Research Development & Services will determine if alternate/additional signature requirements exist.
  • All grant and contract applications must be reviewed by Research Development & Services (Support Services Building, room 5150) prior to their submission to the funding agency.
  • Signature requirements vary depending on the guidelines of the specific funding agency and competition. Some applications require hardcopy signatures; others require electronic submission. Please consult the funding agency guidelines for specific requirements.
  • Industry Contracts must be vetted through Research Western's Contracts Research team. Substantial lead time is required for Industry Contracts, due to the need to negotiate many issues, including Intellectual Property rights.
  • If you require signatures from your Department Chair, please contact your Department Office regarding their processes. 
  • The Schulich Research Office requests at least 1 business day for signatures.
  • Research Western requires at least 3 business days for signatures. Applications including industry partners may require up to 7 working days for signatures.
  • NOTE: We cannot guarantee that applications brought for signature at the last minute will be signed by your submission deadline. Therefore, we urge applicants to obtain any required signatures well in advance of the deadline.