Research Facilitation

Lab glasses on bench

Grant facilitation support is available from the Schulich Medicine & Dentistry Research Office for Schulich Medicine & Dentistry faculty. 

While the responsibility for the development of the research proposal lies with the applicant, we can assist to:

  • Identify research funding opportunities
  • Conceptualize and strategize for developing a project
  • Facilitate team-building for applications
  • Provide an initial review of Sponsor guidelines for appropriateness
  • Assist with internal coordination
  • Assist with obtaining letters of support
  • Provide tools, templates and processes to assist individuals with their proposal development
  • Liaise with funding agency personnel
  • Review draft applications for compliance with sponsors' instructions, university policies, eligibility and recommends changes where appropriate
  • Provide technical assistance with electronic forms

Individuals are recommended to have all applications for funding critically reviewed by peers and colleagues prior to final submission.