Strategic Plans and Initiatives

We are committed to be a top-tier research-intensive organization and elevate our prominence in an increasingly competitive and global environment. 


  1. Embed a culture of research in all our education programs.
  2. Recruit, enable, and retain research-intensive faculty.
  3. Promote and support bench-to-bedside translational research.
  4. Identify and support existing and emerging areas of strength to drive our research prominence.
  5. Establish clear foci for programs, centres, and institutes.
  6. (Re) invest in core facilities.
  7. Launch an initiative to accelerate the design and conduct of clinical trials.
  8. Facilitate interdepartmental, interdisciplinary, interfaculty, and inter-institutional collaboration that emphasizes the importance of team-based research.
  9. Create investigator-centred operational processes.
  10. Support effective communication and dissemination of research activities.


Schulich Medicine & Dentistry Strategic Plan - Optimizing Life-long Health : Strategic Plan 2021 - 2026

This new strategic plan sets out a transformative vision for Schulich Medicine & Dentistry, including key strategic directions, goals, milestones, and priorities.