Strategic Plans and Initiatives

Schulich Medicine & Dentistry Strategic Plan - Optimizing Life-long Health:Strategic Plan 2011 - 2021

This new strategic plan sets out a transformative vision for Schulich Medicine & Dentistry, including key strategic directions, goals, milestones, and priorities.

Discussion Paper on the Organization of Research at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry

The Dean of Schulich Medicine & Dentistry convened a Research Review Task Force in the fall of 2010. The Task Force was charged with undertaking an intensive data-driven process to review the administrative infrastructure and strategies necessary to ensure that within the next 10 years, Schulich will be identified as among the leading research intensive medical schools in the country and to increase our ranking internationally.

 Schulich Medicine & Dentistry Pilot Project on Internal Peer Review

The goal of Schulich Medicine & Dentistry Pilot Project on Internal Peer Review is to strengthen the proposals being prepared for CIHR applications.  The intent is to provide applicants more extensive feedback/critique to assist development of their application. For more information about this pilot project, please contact the Schulich Research Office at