Year 4

Student typing notes on her computer while in lecture

Oncology Electives Description

The London Regional Cancer Program (LRCP) offers clinical electives to undergraduates in fourth year providing a more focused outpatient and inpatient ward experience in Medical or Radiation Oncology with clinical assignments.

Additionally, there is excellent opportunity to do a number of diagnostic/therapeutic procedures under the supervision of the consultants within the Clinic, i.e. lumbar punctures, bone marrows, thoracentesis.

  • Night and Weekend Call: Elective students are not required to be on call during their elective period in Oncology
  • Evaluation Procedure - Elentra
  • Number of Students Accepted - Each Block: Only 1 - 2 students each Block.
  • Orientation is normally held at 8:45a.m., on the first day of the elective. 
  • Pagers: May be provided if needed.
  • Parking: See Map for driving directions and campus layout. The London Regional Cancer Program (out patient area) is located in the A-zone of the building.

The Ivan H. Smith Memorial Prize:
Awarded to the final year medical student demonstrating outstanding interest in Oncology. Donated by the friends of the late Dr. Ivan Hamilton Smith.
Value: $400


Dr. Vikram Velker 
Program Director (Radiation Oncology)

Dr. Sara Kuruvilla
Program Director (Medical Oncology)

Lisa Michienzi
Program Administrator

Office Location:

London Regional Cancer Program
800 Commissioners Road East
rm. A4-901C
London, Ontario, N6A 5W9
Phone: 519.685.8600 x53177
Email Contact: Lisa Michienzi
See map for driving directions, campus layout

Oncology Elective Choices:

Radiation Oncology

Medical Oncology



- 2 week rotation
- 1 student assigned
- attends O.P. clinics and MDT rounds
- to cover main tumour sites
- performs in-hospital consultations
- learns about the indications for and side effects of radiotherapy
- attends simulations
- attends all rounds
- inpatient care as per attending
- attend O.R.

- 2 week rotation
- emphasis on outpatient clinic experience
- attendance at follow-up and new patient clinics for common malignancies
- attendance and participation in multi-disciplinary rounds
- learns about the indications for and side effects of chemotherapy for common malignancies.
- A student with a specific interest may put in writing a one page research proposal to Dr. Robby Stein. The research project needs to be approved by Dr. Robby Stein prior to the start of the 4th year (September).

Learning Objectives

During the course of caring for patients under supervision, the student shall demonstrate that he/she has developed the following skills at a level of competence appropriate for a final year student:

  • Professional relationship with patients
  • History-taking skills
  • Physical Examination
  • Diagnostic skills
  • Management skills (including judgement)
  • Data organization (for recording and/or presentation)
  • Professional relationship with colleagues
  • Responsibility and dependability
  • Cognizance of limitations
  • Intellectual curiosity

Type of Clinical Experience

In-patient and Out-patient