Dr. Ed Brecevic Award

Yellow Daffodils - The Dr. Ed Brecevic Award for Compassionate Care

Dr. Ed Brecevic (UWO class of 2001) was a third year resident in the radiation oncology residency program at Western University when he was killed in an automobile accident on December 7, 2003. He was only 31 at the time of his death, and was an outstanding resident who was known and well regarded for his compassionate care for patients and their families. 

Throughout his medical school training, and into his residency, he was a strong patient advocate who stayed late most days caring for his patients, and worked tirelessly to ensure they received the best care possible. The majority of medical services that he rotated with hoped that he would switch fields to work for them instead, but his first love was to treat cancer patients and their families.

To honor him, this award was created in 2007 for those medical students and residents in any area of medicine who best exemplify his love and passion for outstanding patient care and advocacy. 

Nominations are accepted every spring and are veted by a small committee who knew Dr. Brecevic well, and the awardee is announced in the summer/early fall.

Dr. Ed Brecevic Awardees:

2007    Dr. Lauren Vanderspek
2008    Dr. Sapna Sharma
2009    Dr. Jordan Glickman & Dr. Mario Francispragasam
2010    Dr. Abhi Hallock
2011    Dr. Vikram Velker
2012    Dr. Jasbir Jaswal
2013    Dr. Vikram Velker & Dr. Davy Tawadrous
2014    Dr. Simit Bains
2015    Dr. Eric Fifield

2016    Dr. Tina Zhang, Dr. Tehmina Ahmad, & Dr. Erin Wiley
2017    Dr. Mary Mathews
2018    Dr. Rishad Khan
2019    Dr. Rohann Correa & Dr. Daniel Breadner
2020    Dr. Andrew Arifin
2021    Dr. Beatrice Preti
2022    Dr. Terence Tang
2023    Dr. Tian Xiao