5 Areas of Wellness

Wellness is more than a state of health without illness, it is a growth and change journey where, as individuals, we uncover the things that bring us closer to leading a fuller life, and allow us to access our full potential. How we think, feel, act, and engage with others are directly related to our wellness. For us to lead our highest quality of life, it is crucial to achieve overall wellness by subduding and managing stress, and reduce the risk of illness. 

The Wellness & Resiliency Task Force

About Us

The Department of Oncology's Wellness & Resiliency Task Force has been created to promote and support strategies to enhance resiliency, and promote a healthy work-life balance among staff and faculty in the Department of Oncology.

Within the Department's Wellness index you can find information reagarding wellness activities and events for students, faculty, and staff, and resources for the aforemetioned groups, and their family's.