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Experimental Oncology

Experimental Oncology

About the Division

The Division of Experimental Oncology consists of 29 basic and clinical scientists from a diverse variety of disciplines. Collectively, members of the division study the mechanisms of cancer initiation, progression and metastasis, with an emphasis on both molecular mechanisms and the development of potential therapies. A key strength of the division is translational research aimed at improving cancer outcomes, with most members concurrently engaged in basic science research focused on foundational biological mechanisms related to cancer.

Many of our laboratories are located together on the 4th floor of the London Regional Cancer Program (LRCP) and Victoria Research Labs (VRL) in Victoria Hospital at the London Health Sciences Centre. However, other members of the division are located at various research sites throughout London, as cancer research is a city-wide endeavor integrated by Western University, London Health Sciences Centre, St Joseph's Hospital and the Lawson Health Research Institute.

Many of the members of our division are also LRCP/Lawson Oncology Scientists. Members of the Division of Experimental Oncology have appointments in basic science departments at Western University through which they perform a variety of teaching and administrative duties. These include, but are not limited to, the departments of Anatomy and Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology & Immunology, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine and Physiology and Pharmacology. Faculty cross-appointments to various clinical departments also underscore our goal to integrate the multidisciplinary aspects of cancer research across disease sites.


Divisional members are heavily invested in training the next generation of cancer researchers. This includes graduate students, and also summer undergraduate students, undergraduate thesis research students, high school cooperative education students, postdoctoral fellows and medical residents. Graduate students mentored by division members complete their doctoral and master level degree requirements through the graduate programs with which their faculty mentors are affiliated. A weekly journal club runs most Fridays at 12:30 throughout the academic year, providing an opportunity for cancer research trainees with diverse backgrounds and interests to meet informally and discuss current developments in cancer research.

Seminar Series

The Division of Experimental Oncology participates in Oncology Grand Rounds, hosting 8 or more speakers per academic year. This series typically runs throughout the academic year each Tuesday at 12pm. Divisional faculty also typically host additional cancer related speakers through the seminar programs of the basic science programs they are affiliated with.

Divisional Awards

Experimental Oncology recognizes one or more faculty members each year with the Excellence in Academics Award. This prestigious internal award is determined by consensus vote among the members of the division and awarded at the department's annual Oncology Research and Education Day

Division Members

Dr. Alison Allan
Dr. Samuel Asfaha
Dr. Nathalie Berube
Dr. Moshmi Bhattacharya (Rutgers University)
Dr. Ann Chambers (Professor Emeritus)
Dr. Lina Dagnino
Dr. Rodney Dekoter
Dr. Frederick Andrew Dick
Dr. Gabriel DiMattia
Dr. Peter Ferguson
Dr. Wenqing He
Dr. James Koropatnick
Dr. P.K. Lala
Dr. Shawn Li
Dr. David Litchfield
Dr. Leonard Luyt
Dr. Saman Maleki
Dr. Wei-Ping Min
Dr. Joe Mymryk
Dr. Sylvia Penuela
Dr. James Petrik (University of Guelph)
Dr. Christopher Pin
Dr. David Rodenhiser
Dr. Peter Rogan
Dr. Trevor Shepherd
Dr. Joseph Torchia
Dr. Alan Tuck
Dr. Eva Turley
Dr. Xiufen Zheng

Divisional Award Winners:

2018: Dr. Joe Torchia
2017: Dr. Alison Allan
2016: Dr. Trevor Shepherd
2015: Dr. Shawn Li
2014: Dr. Anthony Nichols
2013: Dr. Len Luyt
2012: Dr. Fred Dick
2011: Dr. David Litchfield