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Undergraduate Programs

3rd Year Clerkship

The Department of Oncology at Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Western University was one of the first oncology departments in Canada to offer a dedicated oncology block as a component of clinical clerkship for medical students from Western University.

In the current format, students are exposed to a variety of clinics, both medical oncology and radiation oncology. Individual students are assigned to a preceptor for one week at a time, and are involved in the day-to-day care of oncology outpatients. Students are also assigned a resident mentor to provide case-based teaching one on one. 

Small group teaching sessions allow the students to share what they have learned with their peers.

Please be sure to also review the Undergraduate Oncology Objectives for the program.  

4th Year Electives

The London Regional Cancer Program (LRCP) offers clinical electives to undergraduates in fourth year providing a more focused outpatient and inpatient ward experience in Medical or Radiation Oncology with clinical assignments.

Oncology Awards Available

Ivan H. Smith Memorial Prize

Awarded to a final year medical student demonstrating outstanding interest in Oncology. Donated by the friends of the late Dr. Ivan Hamilton Smith. Value: 1 award at $400. For mor information please visit Western's Award Portal.


Dr. Vikram Velker
Program Director  |  Radiation Oncology

Dr. Sara Kuruvilla 
Program Director Medical Oncology

Lisa Michienzi
Program Administrator

Accessibility Western: If you require information in a different format or if other arrangements can make this information accessible to you. Please contact Lisa Michienzi by phone or email, 519.685.8600 x75395.