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Competency Based Medical Education (CBME)



The Competence by Design (CBD) initiative is gaining momentum. 

The mandate to adopt Competency-Based Medical Education (CBME) represents the most significant shift in student and residency training in a generation.  Thoughtful planning is essential for our learners in both Medical Oncology (launching July 1, 2018) and Radiation Oncology (launching July 1, 2019) as well as Undergraduate Medical Education (launching CMBE September, 2019) as we move forward.


CBD In Action
Meantine Guide 


Medical Oncology

Dr. Karin Hahn, Medical Oncology CBME Lead: karin.hahn@lhsc.onca 

Kimberly Trudgeon, Program Administrator, MO PGME: 

Radiation Oncology

Dr. Vikram Velker, Radiation Oncology CBME Lead: 

Margaret Dow, Program Administrator, RO PGME:  

Schulich CBME Contacts:

Dr. Shanon Venance

Director, Competency-Based Medical Education Implementation

Dr. Venance will work with residency programs, program directors, clinical departments, and the PGME office to facilitate the transition of programs to a CBME framework. 

Joan Binnendyk

CBME Curriculum & Assessment Specialist

Joan will work with Program Directors, CBME Leads, and Program Administrators on the development of program curriculum maps and assessment tools, using the entrustable professional activity-based outcomes. 

Ross McLean

CBME Education Technology Support Specialist

Ross will be responsible for supporting Program Directors, Program Administrators, faculty members and residents in the alignment of the electronic assessment tools, the development of electronic assessment and evaluation forms, and integration of assessments into an electronic portfolio.