Year 3

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Clinical Clerkship Oncology Handbook

Must Read

  • DICTATION: When dictating, use site code "5" to ensure the notes are transcribed by the cancer clinic transcription service


Teaching material provided by rotation supervisors (Teaching sessions/Objectives Review Slidesets)

Integrated Oncology Modules for medical students are located at LEARN ONCOLOGY and at the NCI.

"Practical Clinical Oncology”  Edited by Louise Hanna, Tom Crosby and Fergus Macbeth, Cambridge University Press  ISBN 978-0-521-61816-8
Clerks doing a 2-week selective in Oncology may request a copy of this textbook for reference purposes (online links listed below)

  • Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4: General introduction and treatment side effects
  • Chapter 6: Oncology Emergencies
  • Chapter 7: Palliative care / Symptom Management
  • Chapter 13: Colorectal Cancer
  • Chapter 16: Breast Cancer
  • Chapter 19: Prostate Cancer
  • Chapter 28: Lung Cancer

Disease-Site Specific Resources: