Opportunities for Postgraduate Learners

This image shows three panels with different medical settings or items. Panel one shows a female patient holding a doctors hand. Panel two shoes a blurry hosptial waiting room full of empty chairs. And panel three shows a stethescope laying on top of a paper patient chard with a pen next to it.


For Postgraduate learners who would like to be placed on Medical Oncology call pool, please see the process outlined below:

  1. The potential moonlighter emails the Medical Oncology (MO) Head Secretary, Brandy Jol, indicating their interest in moonlighting call services.
  2. Once confirmed with the MO Resident Chair/Chief, the MO Head Secretary will direct the physician to the Medical Affairs Contact for credentialling.
  3. Medical Affairs will instruct the physician as to what forms and documents need to be submitted.
  4. The MO Head Secretary will submit a System Access Request Form (SARF).
  5. The MO Head Secretary will forward a Chief Support Form for signature to the Oncology Chair/Chief, Dr. Michael Ott, and forward the completed form to Medical Affairs.
  6. Medical Affairs will communicate the New Professional Staff Appointment to the Department.
  7. The MO Head Secretary will provide the moonlighter with and invoice template.
  8. The Moonlighter will submit an invoice at the end of every month to the MO Head Secretary for processing.

    On Call Service Rates:
    Per Weeknight rate (16 hours): $700.00
    Per Weekend day rate (24 hours): $1400.00
    Statutory Holiday rate (24 hours): $1750.00

  9. The MO Head Secretary will forward the appropriate EFT paperwork to the physician to complete for direct deposit (if not already set up, and will forward the completed documents to HMMS.

If you have any questions, please contact Brandy Jol.