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ORIoN - Oncology Research Internship


The Oncology Research Internship is an initiative led by motivated residents in the Radiation Oncology department at the London Regional Cancer Program. This program offers medical students an introduction to research through taking a leading role in all the steps of writing an oncology case report and submitting it for publication.

Preference will be given to applicants who have not previously participated in an ORIoN session. 

What's Involved?

  • 1:1 resident to medical student coaching and support (with a staff oncologist overseeing each project)
  • Take the lead in all stages of the process including:
    • Conducting the literature review (with support from our oncology librarian, Gabe Boldt)
    • Writing the report
    • Submitting the manuscript for publication in a peer-reviewed journal (publication is not guaranteed)
    • Opportunity to develop oral presentation skills
    • Eligible for "Best Case Report" and "Best Oral Presentation" awards at the conclusion of the session


  • 2023 Application Deadline: April 14, 2023 
  • Session dates: April 2023 to February 2024


  • The chart review will be completed on site at the LRCP over 1-2 visits (flexible)
  • The project can be completed remotely and part-time. Preferred method of communication can be arranged individually with the resident mentor.


Please submit your CV and a short letter outlining why you are interested in this application, and what you hope to get out of the experience (max: 250 words). Applications should be sent to Vivian Tan and Sherif Ramadan (PGY- 2 Radiation Oncology Residents) at and by the application deadline with the subject heading: "ORIoN Application".


  1. Application deadline | April 14, 2023
  2. Applicant selection and pairing | April 2023
  3. Meet with resident mentor, discuss logistics and create a timeline | May 2023
  4. Complete chart review for case report on site at LRCP (flexible)
  5. Complete literature review, manuscript writing and submission for publication remotely or on site | May 2023 - December 2023
  6. End of session dinner for all participating residents, medical students and supervising staff. Participants will have an opportunity to present their case report. Certificates of completion and awards will be distributed | February 2024

Questions? Contact: and