Residents & Fellows

Dr. Aquila Akingbade

Aquila Akingbade, BSc. Hons, MD

Division: Radiation Oncology - PGY1
Hometown: Born in Lagos, Nigeria, raised in Etobicoke, Ontario
Medical School: Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario
Undergraduate University/Program: University of Toronto, Neuroscience and Physiology double major
Why Radiation Oncology: I was drawn in by the ability to significantly impact patient's lives, either in a curative or palliative setting. RadOnc also has a great combination of technological advancements, procedures, physics, and a wide breadth of research topics.
Why Western?: Western RadOnc has a supportive environment that allows the undifferentiated resident to forge a path for themselves. There are also many opportunities and resources afforded to residents that make them competitive in the job market and attractive to potential employers.
Favourite Interest/Hobby: Photography, weightlifting, reading Chinese xianxia novels.
Words of Wisdom you live by: "Nobody cares what you did yesterday. What have you done to better yourself?"
- David Goggins

Sanji Ali, MD

Division: Medical Oncology - PGY4

Razan Amjad, MD, FRCPC

Division: Radiation Oncology - Fellow
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Medical School:
King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah - Saudi Arabia
Why Western?:
I felt that Western would have the best training in Gynecological Brachytherapy with expert Radiation Onocologists in a very collegial environment.
Favourite Interest/Hobby:
Fashion styling.

Dr. Andrew Arifin

Andrew Arifin, MS, BMSc

Division: Radiation Oncology - PGY5
Hometown: Born in Jakarta, raised in London, Ontario
Medical School: Western Meds 2018
Undergraduate University/Program: Western Pathology & Toxicology 2014
Why Radiation Oncology: It is the right mix of technology, medicine, and patient care.
Why Western?: Supportive, engaging people and culture.  
Favourite Interest/Hobby: Photography
Words of Wisdom you live by: "Less, but better." - Dieter Rams

Nicholas Chandna, MD

Division: Medical Oncology - PGY3

Aneesh Dhar, BSc, MSc, MD, FRCPC

Division: Radiation Oncology - Fellow
Hometown: Windsor, Ontario
Residency: McMaster University
Medical School: Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Western University, London Campus, Class of 2017
Undergraduate University/Program: University of Windsor, Bachelors of Medical Physics
Why Radiation Oncology?: Excellent blend of clinical and technical work; significant impact on the lives of patients with cancer; great people to work with at the cancer centre.
Why Western?: Great support from clinical supervisors; fantastic fellow and resident colleagues; close to my family and friends in Southwestern Ontario.  
Favourite Interest/Hobby: Reading, hiking, photography, movies, and video games.
Words of Wisdom you live by: "If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants". - Sir Isaac Newton

Dr. Stephanie Gulstene

Stephanie Gulstene, MD, BMSc

Division: Radiation Oncology - PGY4
Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia
Medical School: University of British Columbia, Vancouver Program
Undergraduate University/Program: University of Toronto, Cell and Molecular Biology
Why Western?: I felt Western would be the best place to learn and grow as a resident physician, and to develop my research interests in a supportive, but vigorous environment.  
Favourite Interest/Hobby: Yoga, rollerblading, cookingk and video games.

Dr. Beatrice Preti

Beatrice Preti, MD, BHSc (HON)

Division: Medical Oncology - PGY5
Hometown: Wherever the wind takes me!
Medical School: McMaster University, Niagara Regional Campus (NRC)
Undergraduate University/Program: McMaster Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours)
Why Western?: When I was eight years old, my class had a talk from two oncology nurses who spoke about their experience treating patients with cancer. I decided then that I too wanted to pursue oncology, and despite the number of other careers and paths I've tried over the years, I've never changed my mind.  
Favourite Interest/Hobby: I'm a writer at heart, but love the performing arts - dance, music, and theatre.
Words of Wisdom you live by: "[Real courage] is when you know you're licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and see it through no matter what." - Atticus Finch, To Kill a Mockingbird.

Dr. Adnan Rajeh


Adnan Rajeh, MD

Division: Medical Oncology - PGY5

Dr. Sherif Ramadan


Sherif Ramadan, MD, MHSc, BASc

Division: Radiation Oncology - PGY2
Hometown: Hamilton, Ontario
Undergraduate University/Program: Mechanical Engineering, University of Toronto
Why Western?: When visiting on elective I found the Western group to be extremely welcoming and supportive. The program also has a perfect mix of high quality clinical and research opportunities.
Why Radiation Oncology?: A unique specialty that combines technology, research, and highly rewarding patient care.
Favourite interest/Hobby?: Painting, Soccer, Hockey.

Dr. Shaheer Shahhat

Shaheer Shahhat, MD

Division: Radiation Oncology - PGY1
Hometown: Luxor, Egypt
Medical School: University of Manitoba
Undergraduation University/Program: University of Manitoba, Major in Microbiology
Why Radiation Oncology?: Radiation Oncology provides just the right mix of interacting personally with patients and staff in clinic, diving into sophisticated cancer research, and chasing after tumours on CT scans.
Why Western?: The warmest resident group and staff in Canada, and some of the most ground-breaking cancer research on this continent.
Favourite Interest/Hobby?: Astronomy, sound systems, lifting iron, and picking winners on the stock market.
Words of Wisdom you live by: Where there is a will, there is a way.

Dr. Scott Strum


Scott Strum, MD, MSc

Division: Medical Oncology - PGY5
Hometown: Greater Toronto Area, Ontario
Medical School: University of Toronto
Undergraduate University/Program: Queen's University, Biochemistry
Why Western?: Outstanding program dynamics, leveraged with exceptional teaching staff and a well-structured academic curriculum, which offered the ideal environment to be able to learn the practice of medical oncology. 
Favourite Interest/Hobby?: Sports of all kinds, coupled with a hint of music.

Dr. Vivian Tan


Vivian Tan, MD, BMSc

Division: Radiation Oncology - PGY2
Hometown: London, Ontario
Medical School: Dalhousie University
Undergraduate University/Program: Honors Specialization in Medical Health Informatics, Western University
Why Western?: Collaborative and supportive training environments for residents to thrive, with opportunities to pursue innovative research.
Why Radiation Oncology?: Inspired by the rapidly evolving treatments with new technologies while providing compassionate care to cancer patients.
Favourite Interest/Hobby: Dance and Double Bass

Dr. Terrence Tang

Terence Tang, MD

Division: Radiation Oncology - PGY3
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
Medical School: University of Ottawa
Undergraduate University/Program: McMaster University, Bachelor of Health Sciences
Why Western?: I was drawn to the strong resident community at Western, and the focus on multidisciplinary care in oncology. I also found that there were many amazing opportunities to get involved in research and mentorship at Western. Being closer to home was a huge plus as well!  
Favourite Interest/Hobby: Nothing beats a good game of volleyball!

Saurav Verma, MD (Internal Medicine), DM (Medical Oncology)

Division: Medical Oncology - Fellow
Hometown: Dehradun, India
Medical School (Post-Graduate): All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India (MD, Internal Medicine and DM, Medical Oncology Program).
Undergraduate University/Program: Vardhman Mahavir Medical College and Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi, India (MBBS Program).
Why Medical Oncology: I was a child when I grappled with the fear of 'Cancer,' and at that age I understood is as a synonym of death (cancer being a mutiny of cells against the body and life itself). The fear was defeated, but it left a scar. In those moments, I developed a passion for the fight against cancer. It was later that I decided that 'medicine' would be my weapon.
Why Western?: Western has been a leader and innovator in medicine. Its programs provide mentorship and career growth opportunities, preparing for success.
Favourite Interest/Hobby: Calligraphy.
Works of Wisdom you live by: "There are more things likely to frighten us than there are to crush us; we suffer more in our imagination than in reality." - Seneca

Tian Xiao, MD

Division: Medical Oncology, PGY4
Hometown: Chatham, Ontario
Medical School: University of Toronto
Undergraduate University/Program: Western University
Why Western: I can't speak highly enough of everyone here. All my colleagues, preceptors, program administration are so supportive of our educationand wellbeing.
Favourite Interest/Hobby: Gardening, cooking, hiking.
Words of Wisdom you live by: Be like a duck - calm on the surface, but alwayd paddling like the dickens underndeath.


Dr. Sympascho Young

Sympascho Young, MD, Hons. B.Sc.

Division: Radiation Oncology - PGY3
Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia
Medical School: University of British Columbia
Undergraduate University/Program: University of Toronto, Biochemistry & Global Health double major
Why Radiation Oncology: I'm drawn to the meaningful patient encounters, the reward of helping patients navigate tough journeys, the ability to improve patient quality of life, and deliver cures, the high-tech nature of the field, and the chance to advance cancer care through research.
Why Western?: Western's residencey program has an excellent reputation quality of clinical training, cutting edge research, and a supportive environment that allows for resident success and wellness.  
Favourite Interest/Hobby: It's a close tie between improvisational jazz on the piano, and playing basketball with friends.
Words of Wisdom you live by: "True knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance." - Confucius

Dr. Sondos Zayed

Sondos Zayed, MD, CM

Division: Radiation Oncology - PGY5
Hometown: Montreal, Quebec
Medical School: McGill University
Why Radiation Oncology: Radiation Oncology is the most fascinating combination of oncology, physics, and advanced technology and imaging. It's a very satisfying specialty. I have the privilege of accompanying my patients through some of the most challenging journeys of their lives. We treat to cure in some cases, and when we can't, we can always use radiation to improve symptoms and patients' quality of life for the time they have left. That too, is meaningful.
Why Western?: Some of the most forward-thinking research in Radiation Oncology is currently taking place at Western This opens doors to unique opportunities and learning experiences. We also have a wonderful group of physicians who love to teach!  
Favourite Interest/Hobby: Scuba diving and all outdoor adventures.
Words of Wisdom you live by: Believe you can and you will.