Medical Oncology

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About the Division

The Division of Medical Oncology is comprised of 20 Medical Oncologists working in conjunction with cross - appointed physicians in the areas of Clinical Neurological Sciences (CNS), Psychiatry, and Medicine. The mandate of our Medical Oncologist's is to provide expert medical oncology services to the patients of Southwestern Ontario, to train medical and scientific personnel in the principles and practice of oncology, and to conduct translational and clinical research to advance our understanding of Cancer, and enhance Cancer treatment for patients. 

Medical Oncologists:

  • Dr. P. Blanchette
  • Dr. D. Breadner
  • Dr. S. Ernst 
  • Dr. R. Fernandes
  • Dr. K. Hahn (Head)
  • Dr. S. Kuruvilla
  • Dr. J. Lenehan
  • Dr. D. Logan
  • Dr. A. Lohmann
  • Dr. D. Macdonald
  • Dr. V. Panuganty
  • Dr. K. Potvin (PGME Lead)
  • Dr. J. Raphael 
  • Dr. M. Sanatani (CBME Lead)
  • Dr. P. Stewart
  • Dr. E. Tsvetkova
  • Dr. T. Vandenberg
  • Dr. M. Vincent
  • Dr. S. Welch (Head)
  • Dr. E. Winquist
  • Dr. J. Younus

The Division of Medical Oncology Residents

  • Dr. J. Deluce, (PGY4)
  • Dr. S. Hussaini, (PGY5), Chief Resident

The Division of Medical Oncology Fellows

  • New Fellows coming soon!

Cross appointees within the Division of Medical Oncology include:

  • CNS:  Dr. D. Moulin, Dr. R. M. Macdonald, and Dr. C. Watling.
  • Psychiatry:  Dr. C. Garcia.
  • Medicine:  Dr. I. Chin-Yee, Dr. K. Howson-Jan, Dr. R. Kim, Dr. M. Kovacs, Dr.  A. Lazo-Langner, Dr. M. Louzada, Dr. J. Mangel, Dr.  L. Minuk, and Dr. A. Xenocostas.