Committee Members


Wellness Committee Members

  • Dr. Veera Panuganty, Lead Physician
  • Dr. Glenn Bauman, Past Chair
  • Priscilla De Luca
  • Nancy Lawrence, LHSC Representative
  • Dr. Maria Macdonald, Former Lead
  • Lisa Michienzi
  • Dr. Beatrice Preti
  • Kimberly Scott, Coordinator
  • Dr. Paul Stewart
  • Dr. Terence Tang
  • Dr. Vivian Tan

Interested in joining?

Join the fun and make a difference in your work environment by volunteering for the Wellness & Resiliency Task Force. Throughout the past year, the Wellness Committee has hosted Wellness Grand Rounds, held events, and enhanced resiliency and work-life balance in the Department of Oncology.

Please contact Kimberly Scott in the Department of Oncology at extension 75414 if you are interested in volunteering on the committee.