James Koropatnick

Professor (Western University)

Distinguished Oncology Scientist (Lawson Health Research Institute)

Postdoc:  Alberta Medical Heritage Fund Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD:  University of British Columbia

MSc:  University of British Columbia 


Office:  Lawson Health Research Institute; Victoria Research Building; Room 130a

Phone: 519.685.8654

Email:  jkoropat@uwo.ca  

Lab Website:  https://www.lawsonresearch.ca/scientist/dr-james-koropatnick 

Area of Study:

Development of small molecule, antisense, and antibody-based drugs to treat cancer

Fields of Interest:

-Personalized Medicine
-Research Interest Area
-Drug discovery and development
-Immune system/disorders

Research Profile

a) Discovery and development of novel antisense and small molecule drugs that enhance the effectiveness of current approved anticancer chemotherapy (funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research [CIHR], the Medical Oncology Research Fund [MORF], BioCanRX, and the Ontario Research Fund-Research Excellence Program)

b) Discovery and development of novel antibodies and antibody-drug conjugates for treatment of breast, colorectal, head and neck, and other cancers (in collaboration with and funded by Formation Biologics, Inc., the Ontario Centres of Excellence TPS and C2C Programs, and the Ontario Research Fund-Ontario Preclinical Imaging Consortium [ORF-OPIC])

c) Discovery and development of novel immunotherapeutic drugs to stimulate innate immunity against human cancers (funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research [CIHR])

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