Bhagirath Singh

Professor Emeritus

Postdoc:  Liverpool University, UK

Postdoc:  University of Alberta, Canada

PhD:  Agra University, Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow, India

MSc:  Rajasthan University, Jaipur, India


Office:  Siebens Drake Research Institute, Room 214

Phone: 519.661.3427


Lab Website:  Singh Lab Website

Area of Study:

Regulation of Type 1 diabetes by autoantigens, regulatory T cells and microbes

Fields of Interest:

-Autoantigens and Autoimmunity
-Regulatory T cells
-Type 1 diabetes
-Microbiome and Immunity
-Antigen presenting cells and dendritic cells

Research Profile

The focus of our work has been to develop specific immune-based approaches to investigate the regulation of autoimmunity by understanding the molecular, cellular and genetic basis of the regulatory T cell-mediated immune responses. Towards this goal we have investigated and reviewed the mechanism of disease prevention and islet tissue regeneration in autoimmune type 1 diabetes and the role that autoantigenic peptides, microbes and infections play in shaping our immune system at the T cell level.

Publication Profile

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