Student Support Team

Much of the work of the Learner Experience Office is informed by and done in consultation with our students and residents. The Student Support Team is a group of dedicated student volunteers who operate with the wellness of their medical student peers in mind. 

Services offered by the dynamic group include:

Big Sib/Little Sib Program- Second year medical students provide student level orientation and advice to their first year peers.

SS Teas-Pre-exam sessions offering treats and helpfull advice from upper year students

SS Tips- Curriculum tips for first year academic blocks providing students with a sense of academic expectations, scope and workload. 

SS Treats- A little food-based TLC delivered to examination rooms

SS Talks- Quarterly sessions on topics including: managing stress & burnout, addictions, relationships in Medicine etc.

Other Sessions including: Yoga, Mindfulness, Visits from St. John Ambulance Therapy Dogs etc.

London Support Team


Left to Right: Nicole Wiebe, Greg Yousif, Colleen MacKenzie, Aly Balbaa and Katryna Stronks

Windsor Support Team

Left to Right: Mike Vanginkel, Ahwon Jeong, Romel Abou-Akl and Kylie Suwary