About Us

Exterior Kresge building at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry

Learner Experience is concerned with the physical, psychological, and professional safety of learners enrolled in the Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Dental Surgery and Postgraduate Medical and Dental Residency Training Programs.

The leaders and staff at Learner Experience are your on-campus advocates at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, here to support you along your educational journey. Whether you are looking for mental health services, academic support, or help with issues related to equity, safety and wellness – Learner Experience is here to help.

We offer services to learners including:

  • Personal counselling (Short term and crisis) and/or referral to campus and community professionals
  • Case management of academic accommodations due to disability or health issues
  • Career guidance and academic support
  • Support and Resources related to equity, intimidation and harrassment concerns within educational, work, and research activities
  • Support services for medical and dental learners to encourage and enhance success
  • Workshops and Presentations on topics related to personal and career wellness and equity issues