Disability Insurance

The Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry strongly encourages you to consider purchasing disability insurance to protect yourself and your assets.  

As a medical or dental learner, you may be vulnerable to the financial hardships that could result from a disability.  Disability insurance protects students from possible financial disaster and may be a wise investment. Purchasing a policy while still in school/training can save you money after graduation and provide the peace of mind necessary to focus on the demands of your career. Most learners do not generate income while in school, but instead are accumulating high educational debt. A learner that suffers a disability may never realize sufficient income to repay that debt. Repayment of student loan combined with medical expenses and lack of income due to disability can be very damaging to your financial future.  

The following are resources you may wish to investigate for disability insurance:

The Ontario Medical Association's Disability Plan (for Medical Students)

Disability insurance for Dental Students

OMA Insurance for Residents OR PARO