Academic Accommodation

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For specific reasons, the Learner Experience Office can arrange excused absences from mandatory small groups and classes, defer exams, and allow for leaves of absence.

The Learner Experience Office provides compassionate and confidential counselling for MD, DDS students and residents of the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry. We help accommodate students through health problems, pregnancies and personal crises, providing the flexibility they need to do their best in the program. We help students who may need to restructure their academic responsibilities or transfer in and out of programs due to health reasons, religious practices or personal events.

If you have a documented learning disability, mental health issue or physical disability, we will work together with Western University’s Accessible Education Office and your health care practitioner.

To request an absence/accommodation for a mandatory session, please visit the Undergraduate Medical Education website.

Academic Responsibilities

Statement of Attendance

Students registered in any year are expected to attend the courses of instruction and are required to take the examinations in all subjects prescribed for that year, unless permitted by the Assistant Dean, Learner Equity & Wellness (Undergraduate).

The attendance policy and conditions for exceptions can be found on the Undergraduate Medical Education website.

Pregnancy/Parental Leave Program

In accordance with an emphasis on progressive support services for our students and residents, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry acknowledges the need for individuals to have special arrangements made during the educational program for the purpose of Pregnancy/Parental Leave. Schulich Medicine & Dentistry strongly supports and encourages its students and trainees to take a full year for their Pregnancy/Parental Leave.  Students are advised to consult the Assistant Dean, Learner Equity & Wellness (519.661.4234) and explore the best possible arrangements for the intended leave.

The PAIRO 24-hour Helpline is available to residents, their partners and family members, as well as medical students.  In order to provide this service PAIRO has partnered with the Distress Centres of Toronto. When you call the toll-free number you will be directly connected to a Helpline assistant. These volunteers have had extensive training in acute crisis intervention, counselling for depression, anxiety and many other conditions. All calls are strictly confidential and anonymous. The calls are answered outside of the PAIRO office and cannot be traced. The toll-free number 1.866.HELP.DOC (1.866.435.7362) is accessible anywhere in Ontario, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Other resources supporting you in your academic life are:

The University Ombudsperson, Ms. Jennifer Meister, provides an impartial service for all Western students who require assistance with academic or non-academic problems.  She will also assist students in reviewing their academic rights to appeal substantial matters such as grades, fees, and OSAP. Location: Western Student Services Building, Third Floor, Room 3135, Phone: 519.661.3573. Visit the Office of the Ombudsperson website for more information.