Learner Experience strives to provide a supportive learning environment for all students enrolled in the MD, DDS and Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education programs. The support we offer comes in many forms, depending on the needs of the learner. Our network of faculty, campus and community colleagues also assist us in providing additional resources to help learners at all points in their journey. Learner Experience offers services in: 

  • Personal counselling and/or referral to campus and community professionals
  • Academic support and accommodations
  • Career guidance and support services to encourage and enhance success
  • Support related to equity and mistreatment concerns within educational, work, and research activities
  • Workshops and presentations on topics related to personal and professional wellness 

Program-Specific Services

Medical Residents

Mental Health Counselling and Supports

Homewood Human Solutions
LHSC's Employee Assistance Program provides referrals to in-person or telephone counselling.
Phone: 1-800-265-8310

Professional Association of Residents of Ontario (PARO).
The PARO 24-hour Helpline is available to residents, their partners and family members, as well as medical students. When you call the toll-free number you will be directly connected to a Helpline assistant with extensive training in acute crisis intervention, counselling for depression, anxiety and many other conditions. All calls are strictly confidential and anonymous.
Phone: 1-866-HELP-DOC

Ontario Medical Association's Physician Health Program
The OMA Physician Health Program provides assessment and referral to services locally through their network of care providers.
Phone: 1-800-851-6606

Canadian Medical Residency Guide
Find out more about this next step in your training.

AAMC Careers in Medicine
These online assessments and career/specialty information are designed to help you with your important medical career decisions. Contact Learner Experience to obtain your login information.

Insurance Resources

Medical Students

Therapy Assistance Online

TAO as an online library of engaging, interactive programs to learn life skills and to help you bounce back from disappointments or stumbling blocks of life.  As you watch videos and engage with our interactive components at your own pace, you'll gain the knowledge, self-awareness, and skills you need to achieve your goals. Please use your Schulich Medicine email to access TAO. Some of these modules include:

  • Calming Your Worry
  • Let Go and Be Well
  • Interpersonal Relationships and Communization
  • Leave Your Blues Behind
  • Improving Your Mood

Student Support Team

Much of the work of the Learner Experience Office is informed by and done in consultation with our students and residents. The Student Support Team is a group of dedicated student volunteers who operate with the wellness of their medical student peers in mind.

Services offered by the dynamic group include:

  • Big Sib/Little Sib Program - Second year medical students provide student level orientation and advice to their first year peers.
  • Student Support Teas-Pre-exam sessions offering treats and helpful advice from upper year students
  • Student Support Tips - Curriculum tips for first year academic blocks providing students with a sense of academic expectations, scope and workload.
  • Student Support Treats - A little food-based TLC delivered to examination rooms
  • Student Support Talks - Quarterly sessions on topics including: managing stress & burnout, addictions, relationships in Medicine etc.

Dental Students and Residents

Graduate Application and Employment Readiness Support

Are you thinking about your next steps after your DDS? Do you need some additional support in preparing your CV, Interviewing and or letters of intent/cover letters?

Please reach out to Learner Experience ( and let us know how we can help you with this important next step.

UWODDS Mentorship Program

The UWODSS Mentorship Program is a student-led volunteer program that connects students from different classes within Schulich Dentistry. Their goals are to support students throughout their dental education, build a strong community across all classes, and improve student wellbeing and experience. All of our mentors are volunteers who have kindly committed their time to help ease the transition and journey of their mentees throughout dental school and beyond. While this is a student initiative, the Learner Experience Office is proud to support for the activities of this group.

BMSc and Graduate Students

Schulich Bachelor of Medical Sciences Students and Schulich Graduate Students have access to a wide range of services provided by Western. Resources that may be of interest can be found below: