Spiritual Care

Multifaith Space for Medical and Dental Students - On Campus - London

Kresge, Building, Room K8 - please contact Learner Experience Office for access 

Caring For The Human Spirit

The Learner Experience Office would like to make you aware of the locations of resources available to students for worship if needed.


The Sanctuary - University Hospital

Main Lobby, Room A1-502
Office Location: Main Floor, Room A1-507

The Sanctuary - Victoria Hospital

Level 3, Room C3-402
Office Location: Level 3, C3-404D

How Do I Page Spiritual Care?

Interfaith Chaplain (on-call 24/7)

University Hospital
Pager 14692

Victoria Hospital
Pager 14693

Roman Catholic Priest (on-call 24/7)

University Hospital
Pager 13982

Victoria Hospital
Pager 14694