Learner Mistreatment

Learner safety is our first priority at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry. The School has created a formal process for learners to confidentially and anonymously report harassment, discrimination, unprofessional behaviour and mistreatment.

Mistreatment refers to the intentional and unintentional behaviour that shows disrespect for the dignity of others and unreasonably interferes with learner process (American Association of Medical Colleges 2011).

A new guideline, reporting form and processes are now available for learners to better understand learner mistreatment and the steps they can take should they encounter mistreatment. All reports will be assessed and investigated and learners can expect to be supported throughout the process.

The School’s new reporting process offers options for learners to report anonymously and/or to elect to defer investigation until later in studies when the learner requests. The later could change if future learners are at risk.

The Learner Experience Office will serve as the first point of contact for all reports and direct them to the appropriate School and Western teams to be managed.

Annually, the School will provide a report back to the School community on learner mistreatment.