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I missed an exam due to a family emergency. What do I do?

The Learner Experience Office helps accommodate students who may need to restructure their academic responsibilities due to health reasons, religious practices or personal events. Please contact us to discuss your situation or view our medical absenteeism policy

Where do I find my immunization records?

Student Health stores the immunization records for all medical and dental studens. The only records that are collected and stored by the Learner Experience Office are police records and vulnerable sector screening.

How do I report inappropriate behaviour by a fellow student or faculty member?

Depending on your program or setting, you may consider reporting your concerns to:

The Learner Experience Office takes all reports of inappropriate behaviour or comments seriously. The Associate Dean, Learner Experience will work with all parties involved to address the issues.

Can I be penalized for bringing forward an issue someone else may deem trivial?

No. Concerns brought forward will be taken seriously. You will not be penalized for bringing forward an issues.

Can I bring forward an issue on behalf of another colleague who wishes to remain anonymous?

Yes. You may share your colleague’s concerns or you may bring forward your own concerns about your colleague’s experiences. It may be more complicated to respond to such concerns without the person’s involvement.

Can I report an issue online?

No. You need to speak directly with the Associate Dean or with the Manager, or with another appropriate academic leader.

Does reporting an issue go on my student record?


What can I do if the issue prevents me from going to class/work until it is resolved?

You will need to discuss your absence with the Manager, Learner Experience who will decide whether to involve the Associate Dean, Learner Experience and/or one of the Assistant Deans designated for Undergraduate or Postgraduate Learners.

If I have a question not listed here how do I get it answered?

Please call or email the office, or call or email the Associate Dean, Learner Equity & Wellness, Dr. Sandra Northcott.   

Will university or medical school administration or the university police hear about my concerns?

Information will not be shared with others without your consent. The only exceptions to the confidentiality rules are:

  • when the situation is potentially dangerous
  • where the situation discussed would require mandatory reporting.

Does the Learner Experience Office support Schulich Graduate students?

No. Schulich graduate students are supported by Western's main campus resources as are other students enrolled in Western's Graduate & Postgraduate Studies.

Who do I contact if I am sick or in cases of an emergency and have to miss a mandatory session?

  • London: Learner Experience Office, Room K1, Kresge Building, 519-661-4234. Outside of offcie hours, a message may be left on the phone-mail.
  • Windsor: Learner Experience Office, MEB Room 2124A, 519-253-3000 x 4302. Outside of Office hours, a message may be left on the voice-mail.

I have a Doctor's note as proof for an illness leave, where do I submit it?

Doctor's notes can be submitted to:

  • London: Learner Experience Office, Room K1, Kresge Building
  • Windsor: Learner Experience Office, MEB Rm. 2124A, 519-253-3000 ext. 4302

Where can I find information about my tuition?

Please visit the Registrar's office Website

How do I access my fee bill and pay my tuition?

Login to Student Center. In Finances click on “Detailed Statement of Account.”

The Detailed Statement of Account will provide you with your account information including the tuition due dates, charges, payments, bursaries and current balance. In the upper right hand corner you can click on the printer friendly form to generate a HTML print out of your tuition statement should you require a paper copy.

What is the status of my OSAP application?

All questions regarding tuition or OSAP should be directed to the Student Financial Service Office

Please direct all questions to our Schulich Counsellors: Roz Peterson for students whose last names start with A-L and Michelle Foster for students with last names starting from M-Z. For more information about OSAP, please visit the official OSAP website

Where can I go to update my immunizations?

London students can go to the Student Health Centre located on Campus at the UCC Room 11. Windsor students can obtain immunizations at the Student Health Centre located on campus in the CAW Student Centre, Room 242.  Please note that appointments are necessary.  For hours and booking details please visit www.uwindsor.ca/health  Students who have completed all annual immunization requirements can book their health clearance appointment with Bayshore Home Health at one of their 3 locations.  Please ensure you keep a personal copy of any documentation before submitting it to any party that requires it.  

My CPR and First Aid are about to expire. Do I need to re-certify?

It is the expectation of the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry that you will keep your CPR and First Aid training up to date until you complete your ACLS training in fourth year.

Once my immunization records have been updated, who do I turn them in to?

All immunization forms are kept at Synergy (London) and Bayshore Home Health (Windsor).  Please keep a copy of all documentation for your own use.

Who do I contact for information about Lockers, Mailbox Keys & Name Tags?

All questions, including to how to replace keys or name tags should be directed to the Learner Equity & Wellness Office in person (Kresge K1) or by email to equity.wellness@schulich.uwo.ca. In Windsor students should contact Cassandra Catalano or Mariam Shallal in the admin office Room #1100 or at schulichmedicine@uwindsor.ca 

Where can I find information about my bus pass, health-plan and other general questions?

London students can go to Info-Source, a USC operated kiosk designed to help London undergraduate students with their health plan, bus pass, and any other general questions they may have. Info Source also doubles as a Greyhound and LTC outlet, providing services to students and the general public.

Regular hours of operation are Monday - Thursday from 9:00am - 9:00pm; Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

Windsor students contact Stephanie Coccimiglio at x4302.