Windsor Campus

Clerks have the opportunity to spend their two-week Family Medical Centre rotation in Windsor or the entire six-week rotation in Windsor. Linda Wright is the Education Assistant for Family Medicine Windsor placements. She will assist you with scheduling your Windsor rotation.

Two Weeks in Windsor/Four Weeks In a Smaller Community

You may select to complete your two-week Family Medical Centre placement in Windsor and your four-week community placement with one of the Department of Family Medicine's rural preceptors. You will need to complete the rotation form online and indicate your preferred locations for your four-week rural placement.

Six Weeks in Windsor

If you opt to complete the entire six weeks in Windsor please complete the rotation form and indicate that you will be in Windsor for your four-week placement.


Upon submission of your clerkship form the Department of Family Medicine will forward your two-week or six-week request to the administration office in Windsor. The Windsor office will then assign you a preceptor for the Windsor portion of your rotation or you can request a Windsor preceptor. If you select to do four weeks in a rural location outside of Windsor, The Department of Family Medicine will assign you a preceptor.

Mileage and Accommodations

The Department of Family Medicine will arrange and pay for your mileage and accommodations if you choose a Rural Family Medicine placement. Please note, any Windsor students choosing a community site that is commutable to London will be required to find and pay for their own accommodations as they are not provided by the Department.



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Program Director
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Clinical Education Team Leader
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Christine Gignac
Education Assistant
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