For any leaves of absence due to personal or academic reasons, the request needs to be submitted to Jennifer Cordick at least six weeks before the start of the rotation. Make-up time may be required.



Students are assessed on their performance in the academic centre and in the community setting largely on the basis of the quality of their clinical assessment of patients and the professional manner in which they carry out their responsibilities. Students are graded as either Pass or Fail on each of the 4 components of the Family Medicine Clerkship (Family Medical Centre 2-week block, community 4-week block , the project (or essay), and the end of rotation examination). Students must pass all four. A failure in any one aspect will constitute a failure of the rotation. If granted remediation, the remediation will be tailored to the particular learning needs of the clerk.

Clinical Clerk Assessment Form

The 2 week Family Medical Centre block and the 4 week Community block will be evaluated by faculty preceptor using the clinical clerkship assessment form.  The 4 week rotation will also include a mid rotation feedback form. The Program Director will fill out a final summative assessment form based on the evaluations submitted. Students completing a 6 week rotation will only have 1 final evaluation (plus the mid-rotation form).

For Preceptors:
4 Week Clerkship Evaluation Form (also used for 6 week rotations)
Mid Rotation Feedback Form

Evaluation of Preceptors and Rotation

At the end of your 2 and 4 week rotation you will be given the opportunity to evaluate your preceptors and the rotation. Evaluation of teaching is done online using One45. An email will be sent to you 5 days before the end of your rotation reminding you to complete these evaluations.  If you have difficulty in accessing the One45 web evaluation, please contact the Program Coordinator for assistance.

Exit Interview

You are required to return to the Department of Family Medicine office in London* by 8:00am on the last Friday of your 6 week rotation (therefore this will fall on either the end of your 4 week or 2 week rotation) for a multiple choice examination based on the rotation objectives using the audience response system (clickers) followed by an exit interview with our Program Director. Your preceptor will be notified of this and you need to be released from your rotation as of Thursday night to allow travel time back to London if applicable. Please bring your evaluations and tracking form to this session.  This session is mandatory to complete your Family Medicine block.

*WINDSOR: If you are a Windsor clerk, you will be returning to Windsor for this session.

Project (...Read More)

You will be given an outline of your project on the first day of your two-week Family Medical Centre rotation. This project must be completed by the last day of this two-week rotation (a 10 minute verbal presentation of your project to the preceptor, with or without the preceptor's team is also mandatory during this two-week rotation).