Undergraduate Committee

Undergraduate Committee members


  • To have a dynamic undergraduate education committee that draws upon the strengths and skills of its members and grows as a team.
  • To have family physicians provide teach medical students about family medicine topics, including approaches to undifferentiated symptoms.
  • To develop strong relationships between our educational leaders and those in the medical school.
  • To engage all faculty to improve the alignment of teaching with generalist medical practice.
  • To support our representatives to enhance their ability to reach our mission within their respective educational domains.
  • To provide a range of educational experiences that engage medical students in a meaningful way and demonstrates the breadth and depth of family medicine.
  • To further develop family physicians as lecturers and clinical preceptors.
  • To develop and enhance a variety of tools (teaching, student assessment and program evaluation) to support our teachers.
  • To increase the number of students choosing to pursue family medicine.


  • Program Director, UG
  • Program Coordinator, UG
  • Chair, Family Medicine
  • Administrator, Family Medicine
  • 2 adjunct community faculty
  • 1 full-time faculty from each academic centre
  • 1 resident representative
  • 1 clerkship representative
  • 1 elective representative
  • 1 FMIG representative