Years 1 & 2 Teaching

  • Patient-Centred Clinical Methods (PCCM)
  • Patient-Centred Context, Integration and Application (PCCIA)
  • Key Topics in Family Medicine Course
  • Lectures
  • Mentors
  • OSCE Examiners
  • Annual Clinical Skills Day
  • Electives and Observerships

Electives & Observerships

Year 1 and 2 Electives (observerships) in Family Medicine are an excellent way to get a first hand look at the spectrum of illness in the community and to see the role of family physicians in the health care system. The timing of your elective can be very flexible and worked out between you and the physician.

These electives can take place in London, or one of the surrounding communities. As a guideline, we suggest that you participate for a half day a week for a total of 4 to 12 hours depending on interest. Students are given the option to arrange their own family medicine electives directly, or they can contact the Program Coordinator to assist in finding an appropriate physician.

If you arrange an elective in Family Medicine, please report your preceptor and dates to the Program Coordinator. It is very important that Family Medicine is aware of your elective so that payment can be received by your preceptor.

Process for Requesting an Elective

Send an email to the Program Coordinator indicating your request, including dates and times available, and your preferred faculty. Your request will be sent to the physician, and once confirmed, you will be contacted with confirmation. Please allow 2-4 weeks for confirmation. You may also contact the preceptors directly to arrange an elective but please report any observerships to the Program Coordinator.

Key Topics in Family Medicine Course

Medicine 5210: Key Topics in Family Medicine (Year 2)

Students are introduced to the most common complaints that patients present to their family physicians. Key components of the history and physical examination skills that are core to family medicine and that aid in determining the most appropriate management style will be identified. The course will build on how the Patient-Centred Clinical Method is incorporated into clinical practice through case vignettes. (weight 0.25)

Patient-Centred Clinical Methods - Family Medicine Skills Course

PCCM Family Medicine Skills (Year 2) 

Family Medicine PCCM teaching takes place between February and May for 6 hours total per student in London and our surrounding rural sites.   Students will receive the final schedule in early January via One45.   
Mileage: Students will be reimbursed for mileage for communities outside of London.  It is strongly advised to carpool with other students when applicable.  Please contact the Program Coordinator to request mileage reimbursement at the conclusion of this teaching.

Annual FMIG Clinical Skills Day

See events page for more information.

Family Medicine Interest Group

Would you like to be a member of the FMIG?  If so, check out their webpage for more information.