Family Medicine Talks

“Why Family Medicine” talk is hosted early in the year. 

“Real Talk: Family Medicine Practice and Residency in Ontario Today” about the current political situation regarding general practitioners in Ontario.

Mix and Mingle

This event includes 18 physicians (practicing and residents) and 36 students. This is a dinner and speed-dating atmosphere for students to have about 10 minutes with 9 different physicians or residents to get all their questions answered. The physicians have different +1 specialties and focused practices.

Clinical Skills Day (CSD)

This is the biggest event of the year, with 13 clinical workshops run by residents and physicians. The workshops include: IV administration, Suturing, Baby Delivery, Intubation, Treating Respiratory Illness, Treating Depression, Hypnosis, MI’s and Cardio, Medical Documentation, Care in a Resource Setting, Immunization and well-baby screen, Prenatal Checkup and POCUS.