November 2017 Research and Publications

North American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG) 45th Annual Meeting

The North American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG) 45 Annual Meeting will be held November 16 to 21 in Montreal PQ.  Researchers, students and clinicians from the Centre for Studies in Family Medicine and Department of Family Medicine will be making oral presentations and poster presentations during the conference.  

Oral Presentations

Session Topic: Multimorbidity

MY11: Caring for Patients with Multimorbidity: An Interdisciplinary Patient-Centered Team Approach.
Pauline Boeckxstaens, MD, PhD; Judith Brown, PhD; Sonja Reichert, MD, MSc; Martin Fortin, MD, MSc, CCFP; Moira Stewart, PhD.
MY13: Catching Them Before They Fall Through the Cracks: Patient Vulnerability in Multimorbidity.
Judith Brown, PhD; Pauline Boeckxstaens, MD, PhD; Martin Fortin, MD, MSc, CCFP; Luan Januzi, MSc; Sonja Reichert, MD, MSc; Moira Stewart, PhD.
MY15: A Novel Interdisciplinary Team Intervention for Family Physicians: Obtaining Help for the Heart Sink Patient With Multimorbidity.
Sonja Reichert, MD, MSc; Judith Brown, PhD; Pauline Boeckxstaens, MD, PhD; Martin Fortin, MD, MSc, CCFP; Moira Stewart, PhD.
MY16: The Burden of Multimorbidity in Ontario: Looking Beyond the Grey Tsunami Using a Population Cohort Study.
Bridget Ryan, MSc, PhD; Salimah Shariff; Krista Bray Jenkyn; Britney Allen; Andrea Belisle; Richard Glazier, MD, MPH; Merrick Zwarenstein, MD, PhD; Martin Fortin, MD, MSc, CCFP; Moira Stewart, PhD.
MY33: A Feasibility Randomized Controlled Trial of a Complex Intervention for Supporting Patients With Multiple Chronic Conditions in the Self-Management of Their Health.
Jessica Peter, MSW; Gina Agarwal, MBBS, PhD, FCFP, MRCGP; Lori Letts, PhD; Clare Liddy, MD, MSc; Dee Mangin; Doug Oliver; Daria O'Reilly, PhD; Jenny Ploeg; Graham Reid, PhD; Julie Richardson, PhD; Bridget Ryan, MSc, PhD; Ruta Valaitis, RN, PhD; Fiona Parascandalo; Lisa Dolovich, PharmD, BScPharm, MS.
MY45: Multimorbidity in Canada: In-Depth Exploration of the Patterns and Progression Among Adult Primary Health Care Patients.
Kathryn Nicholson, PhD; Amanda Terry, PhD; Martin Fortin, MD, MSc, CCFP; Tyler Williamson, PhD; Amardeep Thind, MD, PhD.

Session Topic: Vulnerable Populations

VP23: Patient-Centred Primary Care of Adults With Severe or Profound Developmental Disabilities: The Patient-Physician Relationship.

VP23: Patient-Centred Primary Care of Adults With Severe or Profound Developmental Disabilities: The Patient-Physician Relationship.
Katherine Stringer, MBChB; Bridget Ryan, MSc, PhD; Amanda Terry, PhD.

Session Topic: Health Care Services & Health Care Delivery

HH35: FRAMR-EMR: Framework for Prognostic Predictive Model Development Using Electronic Medical Record Data With a Case Study in Osteoarthritis Risk.
Jason Black; Dan Lizotte, PhD; Amanda Terry, PhD.

Session Topic:  Other

OT14: Engaging Family Physicians in Primary Health Care System Change: Core Requirements.
Cathy Thorpe, MA; Judith Brown, PhD; Natalie Scime, MSc; Michael Green, MD.MPH.


P123: Comparing Abdominal Pain Symptoms and Their Clinical Implications: A Study Using Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Data From the Deliver Primary Healthcare Information (DELPHI) Database.
Thomas Freeman, MD; Moira Stewart, PhD; John Jordan, MD; Daniel Leger, MD; Ian Hons, MD, PhD; Julie Copeland, MD; Heather Maddocks, PhD.
P219: Patients’ Perceptions of Access to Primary Care in Ontario: An Analysis of the QUALICO PC Patient Experiences Survey.
Kamila Premji, MD; Bridget Ryan, MSc, PhD; William Hogg, MD; Walter Wodchis, PhD.
P250: What Happens After Children’s Mental Health Treatment? Examining the Role of Family Physicians for Youth Transitioning into Adulthood
Kyleigh Schraeder, MSc, PhD; Melanie Barwick; Jeff Carter; Paul Kurdyak; Jeff St. Pierre, PhD; Juliana Tobon; Gregory Zaric; Syed Ahmed, MBBS, FRCP (C); Michael Craig; Saadia Hameed, MBBS, MClSc (FM), CFPC; Graham Reid, PhD
P312: Longitudinal Study of Multimorbidity and Related Patient Characteristics: A Study Using Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Data From the Deliver Primary Healthcare Information (DELPHI) Database.
Heather Maddocks, PhD; Moira Stewart, PhD; Martin Fortin, MD, MSc, CCFP
P362: Do Weekly Alerts From a Mobile Application Influence Reading During Residency?
Roland Grad, MD, MSc, CCFP, FCFP; Pierre Pluye, MD, PhD; Eric Wong, MD, CCFP, MClSc; Carlos Brailovsky; Jonathan Moscovici; Mathieu Rousseau, MD, PhD; Janusz Kaczorowski, PhD; Charo Rodriguez, MD, MSc, PhD; Bethany Delleman, MA; Mark Karanofsky; Stefan Kegel; Mathew Mercuri, PhD; Francesca Luconi; Inge Schabort, MB, ChB.
P375: The Emerging Role of Social Work in Primary Health Care: A Survey of Social Workers in Ontario Family Health Teams.
Rachelle Ashcroft, PhD; Colleen McMillan; Wayne Ambrose-Miller, PhD; Ryan McKee; Judith Brown, PhD.
P377: Fast and Furious KTE: Leveraging Traditional and Non-Traditional Platforms to Disseminate Findings From the QUALICO PC Ontario Access Study.
Kamila Premji, MD; William Hogg, MD; Bridget Ryan, MSc, PhD; Walter Wodchis, PhD.
P426: Patient Engagement in Primary Health Care Research – A Canadian Training Program.
Amanda Terry, PhD; Leslie Meredith, MEd; Sandra Regan; Lorraine Bayliss; Rob Van Hoorn, MA.
P463: The Normative Definition of Comprehensive Practice Across Three Generations of Alumni of One Family Practice Program, 1985-2012.
Thomas Freeman, MD; Stephen Wetmore, MD, MCl, CCFP, FCFP; Eric Wong, MD, CCFP, MClSc; Leslie Boisvert, MPA.
P470: Effective Patient-Centered Care for Complex Patients With Multimorbidity: A Synthesis of Existing Evidence.
Martin Fortin, MD, MSc, CCFP; Moira Stewart, PhD; PACE in MM Team
P482: The Physical Environment in a Palliative Care Unit: What Matters Most to Patients?
Shiraz Malik MD, Sarah Ollier; Leslie Boisvert, MPA; Lauren Siegel
P488: Educational Phone Calls to Reduce Excess Use of Vitamin B12 Injections in a Rural Family Medicine Clinic: A Program Evaluation
Jessica Howard, MD; Darren Van Dam, MD; Michael Craig, MD; Daniel Leger, MD.
SRF161: Therapeutic Competition and Ageing Phenotypes of Multimorbidity in Canada.
Kathryn Nicholson, PhD; Lauren Griffith; Parminder Raina, PhD; Martin Fortin, MD, MSc, CCFP; Dee Mangin; Amanda Terry, PhD; Tyler Williamson, PhD
SRF192: Facilitating Capacity Building and Mentorship Among Early Career Researchers: A CIHR Community-Based Primary Health Care Signature Initiative.
Zack Marshall, MSW, PhD(c); Kathryn Nicholson, PhD; Susan Bookey-Bassett; Rebecca Ganann, MSc, PhD, RN; Lisa Garland Baird, PhD, RN; Anum Khan; Grace Kyoon-Achan, PhD; Melissa Pirrie, BSC, MA; Marie-Eve Poitras, MSc, PhD, RN; Maxime Sasseville, MSc, RN; Moira Stewart, PhD; Martin Fortin, MD, MSc, CCFP.

Recent Publications

Heath M, Shellington E, Titheridge S, Gill DP, Petrella RJ. A 24-Week Multi-Modality Exercise Program Improves Executive Control in Older Adults with a Self-Reported Cognitive Complaint: Evidence from the Antisaccade Task. Journal of Alzheimers Disease. 2017;56(1):167-183. doi: 10.3233/JAD-160627

Shet AS, Rao A, Jebaraj P, Mascarenhas M, Zwarenstein M, Galanti MR, Atkins S. Lay health workers perceptions of an anemia control intervention in Karnataka, India: a qualitative study. BMC Public Health. 2017 Sep 18;17(1):720. doi: 10.1186/s12889-017-4758-x.

Reichert S, Harris SB, Tompkins JW, Brown JB, Fournie M, Green M, Han H, Kotecha J, Mequanint S, Paquette-Warren J, Roberts S, Russell G, Stewart M, Thind A, Webster-Bogaert S, Birtwhistle R. Impact of a primary healthcare quality improvement program on diabetes in Canada: evaluation of the Quality Improvement and Innovation Partnership (QIIP). BMJ Open Diabetes Research and Care, 2017; 5e0003925  DOI: 10.1136/ bmjdrc-2017-000392.

Wickens CM, Mann RE, Vingilis E,  Ialomiteanu AR, Erickson P, Kolla NJ,  Stoduto G, van der Maas M. The impact of childhood symptoms of conduct disorder on driving after drinking in adulthood. Journal of Transport and Health. 2017 (Sept) 6; 253-261.

Diamantouros A, Marchesano R, Geerts WH, Pennefather P, Zwarenstein M, Austin Z. Development and evaluation of a continuing pharmacy education (CPE) program in thrombosis management. Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning, 2017 Sep 1; 9 (5): 911-917. DOI:

Letter to the editor:  Graham JR, Sibbald SL. Tinkering in the dark: Critical knowledge gaps about how to fund public health in Canada. Can J of Public Health. 2017 (108)4 e456. doi:10.17269/CJPH.108.6386   


Heath M, Shellington E, Gill D, Petrella R. A six-month exercise program improves executive control in persons in the prodromal stages of Alzheimer's disease: Short- and long-term benefits. Canadian Society for Psychomotor Learning and Sport Psychology (SCAPPS) 2017. St. John’s, NL.  October 12-14, 2017. Journal of Exercise, Movement & Sport 2017:48:1; Proceedings of the SCAPPS 2017 Annual Conference (Abstract) Available online:

4th International Symposium Intra Articular Treatment (ISIAT) Conference : Dr. Robert Petrella was an invited expert at the 4th International Symposium Intra Articular Treatment (ISIAT) Conference, October 5 – 7, 2017 Prague, Czech Republic. At the conference Petrella was a member of the Technical Expert Panel - CONSENSUS ON TREAT TO TARGET in Osteoarthritis on October 5th.


Sliva NCBS, Petrella RJ. Systolic Blood Pressure Dipping in Older Adults: Implications for Mobility and Cognition Outcomes.  Canadian Association on Gerontology (CAG): 46th Annual Scientific and Educational Meeting. Winnipeg, Manitoba. October 19 – 21, 2017. (Poster  – #0476)

Blunt W, Lajeunesse M, Newbery S, Petrella RJ. Taking HealtheSteps™ to Reducing Chronic Disease Risk through Partnerships with Family Health Teams. Association of Family Health Teams of Ontario Conference. Toronto, Ontario. October 25-26, 2017 (Poster)