March 2017 Research and Publications

Recent Publications

Gill DP, Blunt W, Bartol C, Pulford RW, De Cruz A, Simmavong PK, Gavarkovs A, Newhouse I, Pearson E, Ostenfeldt  B, Law B, Karvinen K, Moffit P, Jones G, Watson C, Zou G, Petrella RJ. HealtheSteps™ Study Protocol: a pragmatic randomized controlled trial promoting active living and healthy lifestyles in at-risk Canadian adults delivered in primary care and community-based clinics. BMC Public Health. 2017 Feb 7;17(1):173. doi: 10.1186/s12889-017-4047-8.

Wieland LS, Berman BM, Altman DG, Barth J, Bouter LM, D'Adamo CR, Linde K, Moher D, Mullins CD, Treweek S, Tunis S, van der Windt DA, Zwarenstein M, Witt C.  Rating of Included Trials on the Efficacy-Effectiveness Spectrum (RITES): development of a new tool for systematic reviews. J Clin Epidemiol. 2017 Feb 7. pii: S0895-4356(16)30375-4. doi: 10.1016/j.jclinepi.2017.01.010. [Epub ahead of print]

Fitzpatrick T, Perrier L, Tricco AC, Straus SE, Jüni P, Zwarenstein M, Lix LM, Smith M, Rosella LC, Henry DA. Protocol for a scoping review of post-trial extensions of randomised controlled trials using individually linked administrative and registry data. BMJ Open. 2017 Feb 17;7(2):e013770. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2016-013770.

Mansuri S, Badawi A, Kayaniyil S, Cole DE, Harris SB, Mamakeesick M, Wolever T, Gittelsohn J, Maguire JL, Connelly PW, Zinman B, Hanley AJ. Traditional foods and 25(OH)D concentrations in a subarctic First Nations community. Int J Circumpolar Health. 2016 Jan;75(1):31956. doi: 10.3402/ijch.v75.31956.

Conference Presentations

  1. Riggin B, Danylchuk K, Gill P, Petrella R. Off the Bench and Into the Game: Combating Obesity in Male Hockey Fans. London Health Research Day. London, ON. March 28, 2017. (Poster Presentation)
  2. Silva NCBS, Gill DP, Shellington E, Petrella RJ. Multiple-modality exercise and mind-motor training to improve cognition in older adults: Results from the M4 Study. London Health Research Day. London, ON. March 28, 2017. (Poster Presentation)
  3. Ontario SPOR SUPPORT Unit (OSSU), Workshop on Pragmatic Trials, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Using the PRECIS tool to design pragmatic trials: Understanding the 9 domains underlying pragmatism. March 7, 2017. Zwarenstein M (Speaker/Panel Member)