Global Health


Global health has been defined as the study of health issues across transnational boundaries with an ultimate goal of improving health and well-being and achieving health equity for all populations. Global health is interdisciplinary and uses both population and individual level approaches.


Fostering transdisciplinary research to tackle health inequalities, from individuals and local communities to health systems and global settings.


  • Improving lives for all individuals, with a specific focus on more disadvantaged and marginalized population subgroups.
  • Addressing systematic factors that impact health globally, and addressing transnational health risks. This includes examining heterogeneity in health risks for disadvantaged, at-risk, and vulnerable groups globally and locally (including refugees, migrants, and low socioeconomic status).
  • Incorporating successful evidence-based strategies from low and middle income countries that can be adopted in Canada and other developed countries.

Researchers in the Global Health Cluster