Jessica Prodger

Assistant Professor

Postdoc:  Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, National Institutes of Health, USA

PhD:  University of Toronto

MSc:  University of Toronto


Office:  Dental Sciences Building, Room 3007F

Phone: 519.661.2111, ext. 84743


Lab Website:  Prodger Lab Website

Area of Study:

Developing Novels Strategies for HIV Prevention and Cure in Africa

Fields of Interest:

-Global health
-Genital immunology
-Genital microbiota
-Mucosal HIV susceptibility
-HIV persistence in sub-Saharan Africa

Research Profile

Our first research goal is to understand natural resistance/susceptibility to HIV-1. Penile anaerobic bacteria can increase HIV-1 risk, but the exact species and mechanisms underpinning this risk are unknown. Our group is working to illuminate these, to develop targeted antimicrobials to prevent HIV-1.

Our second goal is to understand the unique barriers to curing individuals living with HIV-1 in sub-Saharan Africa. HIV-1 remains incurable due to the stable integration of viral DNA into the host genome. We are working to characterize persistent HIV-1 infection in Uganda, and plan to test HIV-1 cure strategies as they become available.

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