Year 4 Research Project

ugrad_880x300.pngAbout the Research Project

The Epidemiology 4900E Research Project is only available to students in Year 4 of the Epidemiology and Biostatistics Honors Specialization and is required to complete this module.

Year 4 students use skills in identifying and clarifying a research question, carrying out a methodologically critical review of literature, identifying data sources, conducting appropriate statistical analyses, interpreting results, and presenting findings orally, in posters, and in written technical reports or journal manuscripts. The research projects undertaken by honors students can take very different forms, depending on the supervisor and type of research.

Prerequisites: Biostatistics 3110B, Epidemiology 3210B, and registration in Honors Specialization in Epidemiology and Biostatistics.

Year 4 Research Project Coordinator

Igor Karp, PhD Associate Professor, is the current coordinator for Epidemiology 4900E.

Faculty List/Research Clusters

Department faculty are listed in our People pages. Descriptions of the department's Research Clusters are also available online, including membership lists of faculty whose research falls under the described fields.

Examples of Completed Project Summaries