Dr. Facundo Garcia-Bournissen

photo-FGB-20190816.jpgPaediatric Clinical Pharmacology
Phone:  519.685.8500 ext. 58293

Dr Facundo Garcia-Bournissen is a pediatrician, clinician scientist and clinical pharmacologist trained in Argentina and Canada. He obtained his MD and pediatric specialty degree from the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina), followed by post-graduate training at Hôpital Ste. Justine in Montreal, and, later did his PhD, clinical pharmacology fellowship and clinician scientist training at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto (Canada).

After training in Canada, he returned to Argentina to work as Independent Researcher at the Buenos Aires Children’s Hospital doing translational research on the pharmacology of medications for pediatric neglected diseases. He actively participated in the design and implementation of pediatric clinical trials (e.g. prospective population pharmacokinetics studies and randomized clinical trials), and basic research (e.g. in vivo and in vitro studies to study drug metabolism, and drug activity for repositioning for treatment of neglected diseases). He also designed and participated in paediatric clinical trials that supported registration of drugs for Chagas disease in several countries.

Dr Facundo Garcia-Bournissen is a member of the American Board of Clinical Pharmacology, acting chair of the International Union of Pharmacology (IUPHAR) Section of Pediatric Clinical Pharmacology, and is actively participates in several scientific societies and international collaborations focused on developing medications for underserviced populations suffering from neglected diseases.

His current research efforts are mainly focused on studying the clinical pharmacology of medications in pediatrics, pregnancy and lactation, and translational research on medications for pediatric diseases, in particular those for neglected and vulnerable populations. He is especially interested in the mechanisms behind drug resistance, and drug adverse events, and in the interaction between genetics, growth, medications and pediatric disease.

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