Academic Counselling


The Western Science and Basic Medical Sciences Academic Counselling office is a team of dedicated and experienced counsellors and counselling assistants that are here to help you in all areas of your academic career. Their office is located in The Laurene O. Paterson Building, Western Science Centre (WSC) 191. Counsellors will meet with students in a confidential setting. Visit the Academic Counselling Office webpage to learn more about Drop-in or booked appointments.

Special Permissions for Epidemiology and Biostatistics Undergraduate Courses

A recommendation for Special Permission must be obtained from our Undergraduate Chair, Igor Karp, PhD, (, and then approved by the BMSC Academic Counselling Team in NCB 280, before you can register for a course without the prerequisite, despite a timetable conflict, etc.

If special permission is granted for you to take a particular course, then try to register for it online as soon as your enrolment date arrives. You may need to call the Helpline at 519.661.2100 for assistance, depending on the permission granted. There is some new functionality that is used by some departments and faculties to allow more students to register for courses online but it is not available for all special permissions.

Go to "Special Permissions" on the Academic Counselling Team's website for the procedure to request permission to register in an increased/unbalanced load (e.g. 5.5 courses) and/or for a course:

  • that is full
  • for which you don't have the prerequisite
  • that has a timetable conflict with another course, or
  • that is offered at Brescia, King's and Huron and requires home faculty permission