Research Support


Internal Grant Review

Grants will be assessed on their clarity, significance and adherence to grant requirements. Written comments will also be provided. Grants for internal review must be submitted to the at least three weeks prior to the grant deadline. The review will be completed within 10 days following receipt.

Methodology and Method Support

  • Advice on appropriate research design, including the best working methodology for achieving the aims of the research. Assist with the planning, development, formatting of study-specific monitoring and reporting procedures, methods, guidelines, and tools (e.g. surveys, questionnaires, case studies, interview guides. focus group guides)
  • Proposals, research questions, and/or drafts can be sent along with a meeting request. The meeting date will be decided based on scope of the support needed. The specific support will be determined and provided on a case-by-case basis.

SDROP "Introduction to Dentistry Research" Modules

The Research Associate will be developing a series of online, introductory-level research methods modules. This process includes, identifying research training needs, setting instructional goals to enhance the learning process for students interested in research, developing module content, creating supporting material, and providing further feedback and instruction through forum and synchronous learning days.

Research Ethics

  • Assist in ethics application by assessing compliance to ethics application requirements, identifying items and issues for review and/or follow-up to increase potential for initial approval
  • During the design phase of a study, developing an ethically sound human research protocol
  • Resolving ethical dilemmas that may arise through planning and execution of studies
  • Navigating the Western University's Research Ethics Boards (REB) review process
For other human research ethics questions, contact the Research Associate to detail your specific requirements.

Manuscript Review

  • General review of manuscript, including grammar, flow, syntax, etc.
  • Provide concrete suggestions for additional necessary experiments, how they might be performed, what new experimental details should be added, which statistical analyses might be more appropriate, whether the results can be interpreted in other ways etc.

Contact the Research Associate to provide manuscript, journal information, and to detail your specific requirements.

Please send requests to Dr. Nedra Peter at