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The Kalman lab focuses on medical devices and technologies relevant to clinical dentistry; specifically, the development of innovative devices, prototype design, fabrication, laboratory testing, clinical evaluation, intellectual property protection, manufacturing considerations and regulatory.

Technologies are designed with the intent of short-term industry translation. Current projects fall under the appropriate Health Canada categories for medical device technology.

• Information & Communication Software
• Devices to Restore, Correct or Modify Body Structure
• Devices to Prevent Disease & Abnormal Physical State


About Dr. Les Kalman

KalmanDr. Kalman, DDS, is a General Dentist and Assistant Professor in Restorative Dentistry and Academic Lead for Continuing Dental Education. His research has been supported by the Scientific Research and Experimental Development Fund, the National Research Council and the ICOI IDREF.

Kalman is an active member of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, the Standards Council of Canada and serves on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Association of Public Health Dentistry. He has been recognized as a fellow, master and diplomate (ICOI)

Contact:  ljkalman@icloud.com


Open to considerations.


Dr. Kalman presented at:

The 6th IAFOR International Conference on Education – Hawaii (IICE Hawaii 2021) “Simulation & Apprehension with Digital Dentistry: Is Active Learning Really Needed?” (January 2021)

The 6th Annual Dutch 3D Dental Printing Conference “Innovative applications with dental additive manufacturing” (January 2021)

Two topics at the Canadian Public Health Association Public Health 2020 virtual conference
• 10 years of dental outreach at Schulich Dentistry: was it worth it?
• A dental outreach collaborative project for at-risk youth.

And one topic at the AM Medical Summit Virtual event titled:
• Disrupting dental manufacturing: 3D printing a dental implant component in titanium alloy.

Recent Publications

Kalman L. In vitro assessment of a novel additive manufactured titanium implant abutment. J Clin Exp Dent. 2021;13(2):e99-103

Kalman L. and Coutinho J. Assessment of an Academic Dental Outreach Program on the Geriatric Population in London, Ontario, Canada: Improvement or Inadequacy? AJBSR: 2020;10(2): 222-225.

Kalman L. (2021) 3D Printing in Dentistry: Fundamentals, Workflows and Clinical Applications. In: Chaughule R.S., Dashaputra R. (eds) Advances in Dental Implantology using Nanomaterials and Allied Technology Applications. Springer, Cham.

Kalman, L. Development of a novel shade determination application. J Dent Res Dent Clin Dent Prospect: 2019; 14(1):73-76.

Kalman L., Hosein Y. and Chimel T. Workflow Development of a 3D Printed Novel Implant Abutment. 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing: Volume: 6 Issue 5: October 16, 2019. 

Kalman L. and Vakili E. Exploring an Alternative Model for the Delivery of Outreach Dentistry to At-Risk Youth. Biomed J Sci & Tech Res: 2018; 5(4).

Kalman L. and Quincy Sofowora. A novel technique for the impression, model fabrication and provisionalization of pinlays. JODDD: 2018; 12(1): 77-81.

Kalman L. Preliminary Investigation of a Novel Mouthguard. International Journal of Preventive Medicine: 2018; 9: 60.

Recent News  

Smile Shade research:
• has been granted a United States Trademark (Reg. No. 5,949,627)
• entered a partnership with World Discoveries for commercialization
• resulted in a peer-reviewed publication


Les Kalman was awarded third place for the research poster presentation “In Vitro Assessment of a Novel Additive Manufactured Titanium Implant Abutment” during the 15th CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry Conference held virtually in Dubai.

Dr. Les Kalman Award


Les was inducted as a Fellow with the Academy of Osseointegration in 2019 and he will be inducted as a Fellow to the American College of Dentists in October, which will occur during the centennial celebration of the organization.

The new fellows will be affectionally known as the Centurions.


Recent grants

International Congress of Oral Implantologists Implant Dentistry Research and Education Foundation (IDREF) grant: $21720.00
Title: In Vitro Testing and Assessment of 3D Printed Solid and Lattice Structured Titanium Implant Overdenture Bars

Schulich Dentistry Internal Research Grant: $6980.00
Title: Assessment of 3D Printed Zirconia Veneers & Crowns