Bootcamp in Sustainable Quality


For faculty & trainees at Schulich Medicine, Western University looking to acquire proficiency in the fundamentals of executing a quality improvement project, we offer a group project-based one-year curriculum. This co-learning (residents and faculty learn together) curriculum introduces learners to quality improvement principles through a variety of innovative educational platforms. Participants are expected to produce at minimum a poster for resident research day, and many have gone on to share their work at national and international conferences. Visit the course website to learn more.

View the poster presentations for 2021-2022



Improving Blood Work Availability Ahead of Post-Op ENT Clinics

AIM Statement: Reduce the percentage of patient encounters in the Endocrine Post-Op ENT clinic in which patients have not completed their blood work within 1 day to 2 weeks prior to their appointment, by 50% by April 1, 2022.

Drs. Wei Wang, Lindsey Chow, Hernan Franco, Kristin Clemens (Faculty Lead)


Improving Bowel Preparation for Inpatient Colonoscopies Using the Model For Continuous Improvement

AIM Statement: Increase the percentage of adequate inpatient bowel preparation to above 90% by May 2022.

Drs. Khaled Alazemi, Adbulaziz Almudaires, Betty Cai, Vadim Iablokov, Hasib Rahman, Mayur Brahmania (Faculty Lead)


Inpatient Endoscopy Throughput: A Quality Improvement Initiative

AIM Statement: By July 2022, we will increase endoscopy throughput by a least 1 procedure per day to reduce the utilization of on-call/weekend endoscopy.

Drs. David Hudson, Ziad Hindi, Christopher Lavalle, Mohammed Alsager, Abdulaziz Alajmi, Mayur Brahmania (Faculty Lead)


Fractured Management: Appropriate Pharmacological Prescribing for New Fragility Fractures

AIM Statement: By July 2022, increase in proportion of patients that have been consulted to GIM for perioperative assessment of fragility fracture to start an actionable plan for medication start at discharge, from 29% to 100%.

Drs. James Boudreau, Carley Campbell, Mathias Fricot, Zahra Merali, Christina Vailaveettil, Saira Zafar (Faculty Lead)


Obesity and GLP-1 Use in Multicare Kidney Clinics

AIM Statement: To increase the prescription rate of GLP-1a in qualifying CKD stage 3-5 patients with diabetes and obesity presenting to the London MultiCare kidney Cinic, by May 2022.

Drs. Adam Bloom, Yasaman Torabi, Fawaz Alanazi, Mohammed Bukhari, Kristin Clemens (Faculty Lead)


Improving INR Control Amongst Patients in a Specialized Warfarin Clinic

AIM Statement: By May 2022, decrease the proportion of high-risk warfarin patients with low time in range from 55% to 25%.

Drs. David Maj, Steve Gryn (Faculty Lead)


Promoting Smoking Cessation in Patients with Non-Traumatic Lower Limb Amputations

AIM Statement: To increase the percentage of individuals with non-traumatic amputations who receive comprehensive smoking-cessation counselling in the Parkwood Institute Amputee Rehab Program by 50% by July 30, 2022.

Drs. Carmen Baker, Ali Bateman (Faculty Lead)


Inpatient initiation of pharmacotherapy for smoking cessation

AIM Statement: By June 2023, increase the rate of initiation of smoking cessation therapies by 20% following prescription.

Abdallah Bin Maither, Max Deschner, Rock Hou, Ali Malik, Mike Nicholson (Faculty Lead)