Schulich Ivey Quality in Healthcare Consultancy


The Schulich Ivey Quality in Healthcare Consultancy is an innovative partnership between the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry and the Ivey School of Business at Western University. This ground-breaking course brings together healthcare providers and Honours Business Administration students in a co-learning environment to jointly investigate gaps in clinical care using quality improvement methodology.

The 24-week course format consists of four Ivey business students paired with one healthcare professional to explore how a healthcare issue can be optimized both from a financial and clinical perspective. The course combines invited speakers, coaching, and project work over the academic year. Notable projects the course has fostered over past years include reducing length of stay post-liver transplant saving the healthcare system $540,000 yearly (2019), developing a policy (i.e., resource stewardship) on the use of IV iron and what formulation to use (2020) and increasing the number of transcatheter aortic valve implantations (TAVIs) that were done per week by reducing inefficiencies and reallocating resources (2021).

The inter-hospital and cross departmental partnerships have fostered numerous relationships benefiting participants, payers, the healthcare system and most importantly, patients.

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View the poster presentations for 2021-2022


Improving Medication Reconciliation Rate at Admission to Paediatric Inpatient Medicine

AIM Statement: Improve medication reconciliation for inpatient pediatrics to 80% completion rate by April 2022.

Claire Hallsworth, Shawn Hu, Jennifer Wong, Dr. Farah Abdulsatar


Decreasing wait times for radiation therapy

AIM Statement: By September 2022, for patients requiring radiation at LRCP, increase the number of patients that are simulated from 18 to 23 per day.

Angela Mao, Zuha Pathan, Zeba Rizvi, Alida Teodorescu, Dr. Andrew Arifin


Improving Access to MRI for Treatment and Diagnosis - THIRD PRIZE WINNER

AIM Statement: By June 30th, 2022, for patients referred to the London Regional Cancer Program, increase the utilization of magnetic resonance imaging for radiotherapy treatment planning by 10% to meet accepted clinical practice standards.

Gaurav Chahal, Aliaa Abdelmeguid, Mila Gracic, Rachel Bai, Dr. Robert Dinniwell


Enhancing timeliness of seizure diagnosis in critically ill children - FIRST PRIZE WINNER

AIM Statement: Within the next 2 years, increase the rate of timely diagnosis (within 1 hour) of seizures in critically ill children from < 25% to > 80% using simplified brain wave trends.

Celeste Alaimo, Adam Lampert, Gabriel Mancuso, Aimee Nguyen, Dr. Rishi Ganesan


Liver Transplant Accelerated Recovery Program - SECOND PRIZE WINNER

AIM Statement: By December 2022, for cases undergoing Liver Transplants at LHSC, have 5-10% of patients successfully complete the Liver Transplant Accelerated Recovery Program.

Caroline Parson, Michael Lee, Kathryn Beri, Jasmine Yu, Dr. Nelson Gonzalez


Increase PPSV-23 Vaccination Rates in Southwestern Ontario for Pediatric Rheumatology Patients

AIM Statement: By March 2022, increase the immunization rate of PPSV23 in pediatric rheumatology patients eligible for a publicly funded dose and followed at LHSC from 0% to 33%.

Aanya Bhatia, Cody Hudson, Flora Huang, Rebecca Lundrigan, Dr. Jonathan Park