Quality & Safety Mastermind Series

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Mastermind Series events are held monthly from 3-5pm. The focused sessions are targeted toward academic quality improvement practitioners looking to expand their knowledge and share experiences with their QI peers. The first hour is an interactive scholarly lecture or debate with invited speakers or panelists. Themes centre around methodology, tools, research, leadership, and data. The second hour is focused on peer support and feedback for individual QI projects. Participants are invited to submit their project summary or manuscript in advance. An important developmental resource for the QI community of practice, this forum encourages constructive feedback, debate, and discussion.

For further information, please contact cquins@uwo.ca 


Date Title Presenters Theme
December 1, 2022 Design Thinking in Quality Improvement Darren Meister, Associate Dean, Ivey School of Business QI Methodology
November 3, 2022 Aligning Quality Improvement Projects with Strategic Priorities Jodi Younger, VP Patient Care & Quality, SJHC
October 6, 2022 Creating a Compelling Knowledge Mobilization Plan Mariam Hayward, Director, Knowledge Exchange, Impact, and EDI-D QI Research
September 8, 2022 Radical Candor: How to Get What You Want by Saying What You Mean Krista Delmage & Alan Gob QI Leadership
July 7, 2022 LHSC Data Warehouse and Decision Support Services Jennifer McCallum, Decision Support Interim Director; Scott Draper, Decision Support Specialist; Rob Ellis, Data Architect QI Data
June 2, 2022 Virtual Care Neil Merritt, Assoc. Professor, Dept of Surgery & Stephanie Johnston, Manager, Operations - Virtual Care QI Research
May 5, 2022 Quality Improvement: Radical Common Sense Dr. Alan Gob, Clinical Lead, CQUINS QI Methodology
April 7, 2022 Building QI Capacity in your Division/Department Mayur Brahmania, Asst. Professor, Div. of Gastroenterology QI Leadership
March 3, 2022 Improving post-TAVI outcomes: Results and highlights from the Schulich-Ivey QI Consultancy Pantelis Diamantouros, Assoc. Professor, Div. of Cardiology QI Research
February 3, 2022 CQUINS Strategic Planning Jim Calvin, Chair/Chief, Dept. of Medicine, LHSC & Anne Becker, Consultant QI Leadership
January 6, 2022 Theory of Constraints Jim Calvin, Chair/Chief, Dept. of Medicine, LHSC QI Methodology


Date Title Presenters Theme

December 2, 2021

Writing for Publication in QI

Mark Goldszmidt, Professor, Div of General Internal Medicine, LHSC; Associate Director, CERI

QI Research

November 4, 2021

How has the Pandemic Changed Improvement? (pre-recorded)

Don Berwick, President Emeritus and Senior Fellow, IHI

QI Leadership

October 7, 2021

Value-based Approach to Surgical Care

Patrick Colquhoun, Chair/Chief, Div. of Surgical Oncology, LHSC

QI Data

September 9, 2021

Strategic Planning Focus Group


QI Leadership

August 5, 2021

Toyota Production System in Action

Richard Stanley, TPS/Lean Consultant

QI Methodology

July 8, 2021

Reshaping Research Priorities to Match the Massive Crises we Face (pre-recorded)

Kaveh Shojania, Vice-Chair Quality & Innovation, University of Toronto

QI Leadership

June 3, 2021

Fundamentals of Conventional Statistics

Jim Calvin, Chair/Chief, Dept. of Medicine, LHSC

QI Data

May 6, 2021

Quality Improvement Project Update


QI Research

April 1, 2021 Continuous Improvement of Care (CIC)

Nadia Facca, Director of Quality and Performance, LHSC
Maurice Williams, Manager CIT, LHSC

QI Leadership
March 4, 2021 Understanding the Statistic of Statistical Process Control Steve Lee, Statistical Analyst, Western QI Data
February 4, 2021 Data Processing and Reporting Jimmy Liu, Director Clinical Operations Analytics, LHSC QI Data
January 7, 2021 *Turning an Academic Medical Centre into a Learning Health System

Leora Horwitz, Associate Professor, NYU School of Medicine

QI Leadership


Date Title Presenters Theme
December 3, 2020 A Brief Introduction to Economic Evaluation Steve Lee, Statistical Analyst, Western QI Data
November 5, 2020 Diagnostic Tools for QI Alan Gob, Asst Professor, Hematology, Western & Clinical Lead, CQUINS

Erin Spicer, Assoc Professor, General Internal Medicine, Western
QI Tools
October 15, 2020 The influencer model: A simple framework to design behavioural change Alan Gob, Asst Professor, Hematology, Western & Clinical Lead, CQUINS QI Methodology
September 4, 2020 The ABCs of SPCs (Statistical Process Control) Alan Gob, Asst Professor, Hematology, Western & Clinical Lead, CQUINS QI Data
July 30, 2020 Peer Review of Member Projects & PDSA Methodology Alan Gob, Asst Professor, Hematology, Western & Clinical Lead, CQUINS QI Methodology
June 25, 2000 QI Apps Alan Gob, Asst Professor, Hematology, Western & Clinical Lead, CQUINS QI Tools
February 20, 2020 Study Design: Qualitative and Quantitative Methodology Susan Dimitry, Research Officer, Western

Demetri Pananos, Statistical Analyst, Western
QI Research
January 30, 2020 Ethics & Quality Improvement: To Submit or Not to Submit Charles Weijer, Canada Research Chair, Bioethics, Western

Robert Sibbald, Director Ethics, Patient Experience, and Health Equity, LHSC

Erica Basile, Director Research Ethics and Compliance, Western

Daniel Wyzynski, Research Ethic Coordinator, Western
QI Research