Vision: To become a national leader in health care quality through the continuous pursuit of excellence in all we do for our patients.

Mission: To empower and support our healthcare faculty as they continually improve the standards of the quality of the patient-focused care they provide based on the highest proficiency of collaboration and innovation.


  • To create an effective and collaborative research community in the field of Healthcare Quality Improvement and Patient Safety with the aim of improving the quality and safety of care provided to the public
  • To demonstrate greater academic productivity in clinical science and to disseminate, share, and implement new knowledge acquired, judged by grants awarded, publications, national and international influence and development of staff
  • To provide accessible and high-quality education to clinicians in quality improvement, safety, and best practices
  • To collaborate with hospital Strategic Improvement Initiatives (e.g. the LHSC Continuous Improvement of Care and the Complex Chronic Health Integrated Program at SJHC) to improve care for our patients
  • To promote QI/PS as a career pathway for clinicians by providing strong advocacy for recognition and academic promotion