About Us


The Centre for Quality, Innovation and Safety (CQUINS) is a new partnership between the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, the Department of Medicine, London Health Sciences Centre and St Joseph's Health Care, London. Enhancing the work of the Centre are partnerships with university and hospital departments. These affiliations will expand as relationships are developed with other organizations working in this area.

The Centre has three main functions:

  • Mentorship and Support
  • Education
  • Research and Innovation

These pillars will build capacity and capability for quality improvement and patient safety activities through the development of expertise in its core members, while helping to develop the skills for others to conduct local quality improvement and patient safety activities across disciplines and healthcare settings.

We are a collaborative research and practice community that focuses on developing the QI skill of its members and associates. We feel strongly about forging an improvement culture, the core of which is making QI accessible to all. Regardless of your current situation, we will meet you where you are in your QI journey.