Dr. Yamini Subramani

yamini-sAssistant Professor


Dr. Subramani specialized in Anesthesia from JIPMER, University of Puducherry in India. She did a
fellowship in Perioperative Medicine from Toronto Western Hospital, University of Toronto. She later
pursued a fellowship at LHSC from September 2016.

Dr Subramani has several peer reviewed publications in journals such as Anesthesia & Analgesia, British Journal of Anaesthesia, Anesthesiology Clinics and Canadian Journal of Anesthesia. Her article published in CJA was quoted in the National Post as “Drug under-dosing: New study may explain why obese patients more likely to wake up during surgery”.

At the 2017 Annual CAS Meeting at Niagara Falls, Ontario, Dr. Subramani received the “best of the category award” in ambulatory anesthesia and was a finalist at the Richard Knill competition. Dr. Subramani is an avid presenter with many poster and power point presentations at annual anesthesia meetings such as: IARS, ASA, SASM, ISPCOP and CAS. Many of her meeting presentations have been published in “Anesthesiology News”.

Her current research interests include Perioperative Anesthesia, Postoperative Home Monitoring and Regional Anesthesia, with an expertise in Systematic Review and Network Meta-Analysis. She is currently pursuing her masters in Clinical Trials from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.


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Subramani Y, Riad W, Chung F, Wong J. Optimal propofol induction dose in morbidly obese patients: A randomized controlled trial comparing bispectral index and lean body weight scalar. Can J Anesth May 2017; 64(5): 471–479.

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