Dr. Mahesh Nagappa

Assistant Professor


Dr. Nagappa received his MD in Anesthesia from JIPMER, University of Puducherry in India in 2008. He joins us from Toronto Western Hospital, University of Toronto, following a fellowship in Perioperative Medicine and Ambulatory Anesthesia. Nagappa has several publications in Journals such as the Anesthesia Analgesia, PLOS, Chest Journal, Current opinion in Anesthesiology and Canadian Journal of Anesthesia.

At the 2014 Annual IARS Meeting in Montreal, Canada, Dr. Nagappa received the “best of the category award” and nominated for the “best of the meeting award”.

His current research interests include Ambulatory Anesthesia, perioperative patient management, screening, treatment and perioperative complications associated with obesity/OSA, also systematic review, meta-analysis and meta-regression analysis. Dr. Nagappa is an avid presenter with many poster and power point presentations at annual anesthesia meetings such as: IARS, ASA, SASM, ISPCOP, CSS and CAS. Many of his meeting presentations have been published in “Anesthesiology News” circulated to more than 45,000 anesthesiologists in North America.


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For more PubMed publications, please visit: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=Mahesh+nagappa